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Sumba Open Trip Tour Package 4D3N 2024

Start from IDR 3.490.000/pax

Meeting Point
Tambolaka Airport
December - March
the grass is green
Physical Activity
10 destinations
4 Days and 3 Nights
Minimum Participant
2 persons

The beauty and allure of Sumba have captivated tourists from all walks of life, leading many to refer to it as the "Hawaii of Indonesia." Sumba offers a diverse range of stunning landscapes, from pristine beaches to breathtaking waterfalls, making it a fantastic alternative if you're looking for a change from the usual tourist hotspots like Bali and Komodo Island.

The 4D3N Open Trip Sumba is one of the tour packages offered by IndonesiaJuara, showcasing top destinations on the island of Sumba in East Nusa Tenggara, such as Tanggedu Waterfall and Tanarara Hill. Over the course of four days and three nights, you'll experience the island's enchanting savanna, traditional houses, beaches, and waterfalls. Exploring Sumba usually takes time, but this trip ensures you cover the beauty from East to West Sumba, guaranteeing an unforgettable vacation on one of the world's most beautiful islands. This is an open trip, which means you'll have the opportunity to meet and interact with new people throughout the journey.

Open Trip Sumba Highlights:
  • Enjoy water play and scenic views at Tanggedu Waterfall.
  • air terjun tanggedu
  • Revel in the panorama of the yellow savanna hills against the blue sky at Tanarara Hill.
  • Bukit Tanarara

  • Explore the culture and customs at Ratenggaro Traditional Village and Prai Ijing Traditional Village.
  • Appreciate the beauty of the Ratenggaro Coast, Mandorak Beach, and Weekuri Lagoon.
  • Capture photos amidst the greenery of Waikelo Sawah.
  • Watch the sunset at Pero Beach and Walakiri Beach.
  • Play in the water and explore the beauty of Waimarang Waterfall, Tanggedu Waterfall, and Weekacura Waterfall.
  • Hike Winding Hill and Tanau Hill while enjoying the lush surrounding forest.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking, exclusive panoramas throughout the return journey.

Meeting Point: Tambolaka Airport (TMC), Southwest Sumba / Hotels in Southwest Sumba.
Start: 12:00 PM WITA (Arrive a day before or on the day by 12:00 PM WITA).
Finish: 10:30 AM WITA (Starting from Waingapu Airport, East Sumba, from 11:40 AM WITA).

Sumba 4D3N Open Trip Schedule 2024

Month Choose Date
January4-7 , 11-14 , 18-21 , 25-28
February1-4 , 8-11 , 15-18 , 22-25
March 29 Feb-3 , 7-10 , 14-17 , 21-24 ,28-31
April 4-7 , 11-14 , 18-21 , 25-28
May 2-5 , 9-12 , 16-19, 23-26 , 30-2 Jun
June 6-9, 13-16, 20-23 , 27-30
July 4-7 , 11-14 , 18-21 , 25-28
August 1-4 , 8-11 , 15-18 , 22-25, 29-1 Sep
September 5-8 , 12-15 , 19-22 , 26-29
October 3-6 , 10-13 , 17-20 , 24-27
November 31 Oct-3 , 7-10 , 14-17 , 21-24, 28-1 Dec
December 5-8 , 12-15 , 19-22 , 26-29

Sumba Open Trip Price 4D3N 2024

*A minimum of 2 participants is required for the predetermined schedule.

IDR 3.490.000 / Pax
IDR 3.890.000 / Pax

IDR 3.490.000 / Pax

IDR 3.890.000 / Pax

Sumba Open Trip Tour Package 4D3N 2024 Itinerary

11.00-12.00 WITA = Meet at Tambolaka Airport (TMC), Southwest Sumba.
12.00-13.30 WITA = Check into the hotel and enjoy lunch.
13.30-14.30 WITA = Travel to Ratenggaro Traditional Village.
14.30-15.30 WITA = Spend free time exploring the traditional village and Ratenggaro Beach.
15.30-16.30 WITA = Journey to Pero Beach.
16.30-18.00 WITA = Relax at Pero Beach and enjoy the sunset
18.00-20.00 WITA = Head back to the hotel for dinner.
22.00 WITA = Time to rest.

- The itinerary is subject to change depending on local conditions
- Adjustments may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.
- Always follow your tour guide's guidance.
06.30-07.30 WITA = Breakfast followed by hotel check-out.
07.30-09.00 WITA = Depart for Weekuri Lagoon and Mandorak Beach.
09.00-11.00 WITA = Enjoy free time at Weekuri Lagoon.
11.00-13.30 WITA = Visit Prai Ijing Traditional Village and have lunch.
13.30-14.00 WITA = Explore Prai Ijing Traditional Village.
14.00-17.00 WITA = Travel to Warinding Hill.
17.00-18.00 WITA = Watch the sunset from Warinding Hill.
18.00-19.00 WITA = Drive to Waingapu city.
19.00 WITA = Dinner and check into the hotel.

- The itinerary is subject to change depending on local conditions
- Adjustments may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.
- Always follow your tour guide's guidance.
07.00-07.30 WITA = Start the day with breakfast.
07.30-09.30 WITA = Head to Tanarara Savanna.
09.30-12.00 WITA = Free time to explore Tanarara Savanna.
12.00-12.30 WITA = Lunch
12.30-14.00 WITA = Travel to either Waimarang or Tanggedu Waterfall.
14.00-15.00 WITA = Spend time at the waterfall.
15.00-17.30 WITA = Proceed to Walakiri Beach.
17.30-18.30 WITA = Sunset viewing at Walakiri.
20.00 WITA = Dinner and rest.t

- The itinerary is subject to change depending on local conditions
- Adjustments may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.
- Always follow your tour guide's guidance.
05.30-06.30 WITA = Early morning travel to Tanau Hill.
06.30-07.30 WITA = Enjoy the views and atmosphere at Tanau Hill.
07.30-08.30 WITA = Return to the hotel.
10.00-11.00 WITA = Check out, shop for souvenirs, visit Brotherhood Hill, and then head to Waingapu Airport (WGP). Trip concludes.

- The itinerary is subject to change depending on local conditions
- Adjustments may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.
- Always follow your tour guide's guidance.
  • Sumba 4-Day, 3-Night Tour Package
  • Admission tickets to all attractions
  • Drone and mirrorless camera documentation (unedited)
  • Donation fee
  • Bottled water throughout the trip
  • A total of 9 meals over 4 days and 3 nights
  • Tour leader
  • Accommodations (twin sharing basis):
    Day 1: Hotel Sinar Tambolaka or similar
    Day 2-3: Hotel Elim or similar
  • Pickup on the first day from Tambolaka Airport or nearby hotels
  • Drop-off on the last day of the trip
  • Flight Ticket
  • Personal expenses
Must Bring Items
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach Hat
  • Snack & Suplement
  • Clothes
  • Swim Suit
  • Hiking Sandals
  • Power bank
  • Personal Medicine
  • Toiletries
  • Wet Wipes
  • Drybag
  • Telkomsel Sim Card
Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina.

Celebrity / Host

The trip was really fun. The guide was friendly and professional. The boat was luxurious, the food was delicious, the crew's service was satisfying. The admin was very helpful from the start when booking trips to start. The choice of luxury boats offered was also very large. Komodo Luxury is great!

Baim Wong & Paula Verhoeven.


Have three trips with KomodoLuxury, never disappoint. Informative guide, very serving crew, delicious food. The boat is comfortable and safe for bringing children. The trip also has leisure options so it's suitable for families.

Nirina Zubir & Friends.


The service was incredibly friendly. With so many boat options available, finding one that fit our budget and needs was easy. The trip was fantastic, and we all left happy!

Wulan Guritno.


Thank you, Indonesia Juara, for such a delightful holiday. From the airport pickup to the return transfer, everything was impeccably organized. I hope to travel with you again soon!

Video showcasing the beauty of Sumba


Ratenggaro Village is a traditional village nestled in Umbu Ngedo Village. The journey from Tambolaka to Ratenggaro takes 1.5 to 2 hours on well-maintained asphalt roads. The villagers primarily practice Marapu, a form of ancestor worship that strongly influences their culture and architecture. The homes here are notable for their towering thatched roofs, some of which reach as high as 30 meters, making them the tallest on Sumba Island.

Pero Beach in Sumba offers a distinct landscape and ambiance. This beach is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and is located in the Pero Batang area of Kodi, in Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The waves here range from moderate to high, making swimming inadvisable. However, you can still approach the shore and experience the exhilarating water blow as waves crash against the rocks.

Also known as the sea gate, Mbawana Beach features a striking rock formation with a large hole known as the giant gate. About 52 km from Tambolaka, the capital of Southwest Sumba Regency, this beach boasts stunning white sands and rugged cliffs, making it an essential stop for any photographer.

Weekuri Lagoon is a lake unlike any other in Indonesia, with its unique greenish-blue, salty and brackish waters. Located about 60 km from Tambolaka, you can swim in its refreshing waters or enjoy the view from the surrounding coral cliffs that extend into the open sea.

Prai Ijing Village is a bastion of cultural preservation on Sumba Island. As a major highlight of Tebara Village, it's conveniently located just 2.6 km from Waikabubak, the capital of West Sumba, and about 43 km from Tambolaka Airport. The village's distinctive houses feature sharply pointed thatched roofs. Visitors can also observe local women weaving traditional fabrics.

Warinding Hill offers views that resemble a living painting. Located in Pambota Jara Village, East Sumba, it's a prime spot for experiencing both sunrise and sunset. Visitors can rent horses from locals for a scenic ride or a photo opportunity against the picturesque hill backdrop.

Named for its red soil, Tanarara Hill is covered by grass that shifts from green to brown, depending on the season. The seamless row of hills provides a pastoral scene punctuated by local horses grazing, offering a visual experience you won’t find in urban areas.

Waimarang Waterfall in Waimarang Village, East Sumba, features three tiers, although most visitors only reach the first tier. The upper levels require scaling rock walls and are less accessible. You can stand on the shallow rock ledges at the pool’s edge for those who aren't swimmers.

Walakiri Beach in Watumbaka Village, East Sumba Regency, is renowned for its beautiful mangrove trees, which cast a stunning silhouette against the setting sun. This beach is a peaceful place to enjoy Sumba's natural beauty and tranquility.
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The trekking trails range from moderate to strenuous in difficulty. Participants should physically prepare before the trip and avoid overexerting themselves. Additionally, wearing trekking sandals, which can be purchased at outdoor equipment stores, is advised to ensure a safer and slip-free experience.
Yes, the price is all-inclusive.
Yes, participants need to buy their round-trip flight tickets. For arrivals, it is highly recommended that you book your flight for the day before the trip (H-1). If you choose to arrive on the day the trip starts, please ensure you are at Tambolaka Airport before 12:00 PM WITA, as the trip begins at 12:00 PM WITA. For departures, schedule your flight from Waingapu Airport after 11:40 AM WITA, as the trip officially ends by 11:10 AM WITA at the latest.
Yes, because the files are copied in their entirety and are quite large, using a flash drive would result in a very slow transfer rate. Typically, file transfers are conducted on the third day of the trip.