Sumba tour will take you visit the best destinations in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. During the Sumba Tour we will enjoy the beautiful savanna, traditional houses, beaches and waterfalls. Equipped with interesting documentation from the team @IndonesiaJuaratrip

Sumba island is an island that is not too well known, such as Bali and Labuan Bajo. But many give you beauty. Sumba island has an area about twice the size of Bali but the population of Sumba is only one sixth of the population of Bali. Sumba tour makes you feel the beauty of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara which was once designated as the most beautiful island in the world. Sumba Island is divided into four districts: West Sumba, Southwest Sumba, Central Sumba and East Sumba. Sumba trip with Indonesia Champion will invite you to enjoy each of the most beautiful destinations from West Sumba to East Sumba, in 4 days 3 nights we will bring you to enjoy the best Sumba tourism destinations.

Exploring 10 Travel Destinations in Eastern Indonesia, Starting from Seeing the Scenery of the Hills in Warinding, Seeing the Beautiful Sunset on Bwana Beach, Feeling the magical and exotic sensation of the Ratenggaro Indigenous Village and also taking pictures in Padang Savanna Tanarara, and Visiting Weekuri Lagoon. Then you will also be invited to Bukit Tanau, and Waimarang Waterfall and Sunset View at Walakiri Beach.

IndonesiaJuara provides packages for Sumba Tours 4 3 days to maximize all the beautiful destinations on Sumba.


How very exciting not?

Sumba tour is perfect for those of you who love nature and also want to let go of the boredom of daily routine. Sumba trip has a duration of 4 days 3 nights with the most complete destinations, exploring the best destinations on Sumba island tour with Indonesia Champion for 4 days 3 nights.

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