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IndonesiaJuara Trip is a Tour Operator that directly operates adventure tours in Indonesia's natural wonders. With over 9 years of experience and acclaimed as one of the best-reviewed tours on TripAdvisor, we offer both Open Trip and Private Trip packages—including Phinisi boat rentals. Our featured destinations include Labuan Bajo, Sumba, Nusa Penida, Raja Ampat, and Derawan. With our team of Local Guides who possess comprehensive local knowledge and heartfelt service, IndonesiaJuara ensures that every traveler vacationing with us will have the best experience possible! We also guarantee the best prices, with no hidden fees. The cost information for each package is displayed as detailed as possible and will be further clarified during communication via WhatsApp so that you can plan your holiday budget accurately.

– Indonesia Juara Documentary Series –

Spirit of the Guide's Struggle

Documentary Series – A tour guide, or tourist guide, is a guide who is tasked with accompanying, guiding, and providing information to tourists who are engaging in tourism activities. This important and interesting role of a tour guide inspired Rubio Meiliandro Stenleyfizer, commonly known as Andro, to join as one of the tour guides at IndonesiaJuara. What experiences has Andro had while working as a Komodo tour guide? How does Andro handle tourists who come to Labuan Bajo?

Discover the full documentary in the episode "Spirit of the Guide's Struggle."

Captain of IndonesiaJuara's Ship

Documentary Series – "I was born on land but grew up at sea," says Ibrahim, also known as Om Bai, one of the captains of IndonesiaJuara's ships who has been sailing the seas since childhood. Bearing great responsibility on the ship, it is not only leadership skills with the crew that must be possessed but also ensuring the safety of the guests during the voyage. What stories does Om Bai share while being a ship captain in Labuan Bajo? How does he handle challenges during the journey? Discover the full documentary in the episode "Captain of IndonesiaJuara's Ship

Sumba Warrior

Documentary Series – The Marapu land, which is also part of the golden triangle of tourism between Bali and Labuan Bajo, turns out to be able to change the fate of three young men with different backgrounds. Bang Adi R, who previously worked as a cross-district driver in Sumba, had a dark life background until he decided to tattoo the IndonesiaJuara logo on his hand. Bang Faisal, who dedicated his life for 10 years as an educator and became an Islamic preacher in West Sumba, and Bang Adi M, whose daily life consists of fishing and bathing horses in Southwest Sumba. This is the journey of all three becoming Tour Leaders at IndonesiaJuara, inspiring many young people to empower local potential and participate in developing tourism in Sumba with IndonesiaJuara. What is their journey story to becoming Tour Leaders on Sumba Island? Discover the full documentary in the episode "Sumba Warrior.

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