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Derawan Open Trip Tour Package 4D3N 2024

Start from IDR 3.450.000 / Pax

Meeting Point
Juwata Airport
sunny weather
Physical Activities
9 destinations
4 days and 3 nights
Minimum participant
6 pax

Open Trip Derawan by IndonesiaJuara offers holiday packages to 9 of Derawan's best tourist destinations, include Kakaban and Talisayan. You can choose the 4-day and 3-night Derawan package. The beauty of marine life is a paradise for snorkelers. Instagrammable photo spots are also interesting because of unique tourist attractions such as meeting whale sharks in Talisayan and seeing jellyfish in Kakaban.

Explore the beauty of Derawan Island, include Derawan Island, Talisayan Whale Shark, Manimbora Island, Haji Mangku Cave, Kakaban Lake, Pasir Gusung, Sangalaki, Labuan Cermin, and Maratua Island. With IndonesiaJuara, enjoy a seamless and delightful holiday experience, complete with comprehensive travel support and documentation.

Derawan Trip Highlight:

  • Experience the unique thrill of swimming with jellyfish in Kakaban Lake
  • kakaban

  • Dive into the clear waters of Talisayan to swim alongside majestic whale sharks
  • talisayan

Join us now and start on your dream marine and nature adventure in Derawan, East Kalimantan with IndonesiaJuara!

Derawan Open Trip Tour Package 4D3N Schedule 2024

Derawan Open Tour Schedule 2024

Month Choose Date
January 18 - 21
February 8 - 11
March 8 - 11 , 28 - 31
April 8 - 11 , 11 - 14
May 9 - 12, 23 - 26, 30 - 2 Jun
June 15 - 18
July 4 - 7 , 18 - 21
August 15 - 18 , 29 - 1 Sept
September 12 - 15 , 26 - 29
October 10 - 13 , 24 - 27
November 7 - 10 , 21 - 24
December 22 - 25 , 26 - 29 , 29 - 1 Jan

Derawan Open Tour Price 2024

Sharing (1 Room 2 Pax)

VIP IDR 3.750.000/Pax
Standart IDR 3.450.000/Pax
*a minimum of 6 participants is required per schedule
VIP IDR 4.150.000/Pax
Standart IDR 3.850.000/Pax
* a minimum of 6 participants is required per schedule

VIP IDR 3.750.000/Pax
Standard IDR 3.450.000/Pax
*a minimum of 6 participants is required per schedule

VIP IDR 4.150.000/Pax
Standard IDR 3.850.000/Pax
* a minimum of 6 participants is required per schedule

Single Occupancy (1 Room 1 Pax)

VIP IDR 4.350.000/Pax
Standard IDR 4.050.000/Pax
* a minimum of 6 participants is required per schedule
VIP IDR 4.750.000/Pax
Standard IDR 4.450.000/Pax
* a minimum of 6 participants is required per schedule

VIP IDR 4.350.000/Pax
Standart IDR 4.050.000/Pax
*a minimum of 6 participants is required per schedule

VIP IDR 4.750.000/Pax
Standart IDR 4.450.000/Pax
* a minimum of 6 participants is required per schedule

Open Trip Derawan 4D3N Itinerary

12.30-13.30 WITA = Pick up from Juwata Airport, followed by lunch
13.30-14.30 WITA = Drive to the port
14.30-16.30 WITA = Transfer from port to Derawan
16.30-16.45 WITA = Check into resort
16.45-17.30 WITA = Time to explore Derawan Island
17.30-19.00 WITA = Enjoy a sunset hunt followed by relaxation time
19.00 WITA = Dinner and leisure time

05.00-07.00 WITA = Early morning drive to Talisayan
07.00-09.00 WITA = Arrive at Talisayan for a snorkeling adventure with whale sharks
09.00-11.00 WITA = Proceed by boat to Manimbora Island for breakfast
11.00-12.00 WITA = Departure for Labuan Cermin
12.00-14.00 WITA = Enjoy lunch and a refreshing swim at Labuan Cermin
14.00-18.00 WITA = Return journey to Derawan
19.00 WITA = Dinner and free time
07.00-08.00 WITA = Start your day with a delicious breakfast
08.00-10.30 WITA = Set sail for Maratua for a memorable photo and snorkeling session
10.30-12.00 WITA = Journey to Haji Mangku Cave for exploration
12.00-13.00 WITA = Proceed to Jellyfish Lake
13.00-14.00 WITA = Lunch
14.00-14.30 WITA = Experience the enchantment of swimming with jellyfish at Kakaban Lake
14.30-16.00 WITA = Continue to Sangalaki and Manta Point for more marine life encounters
16.00-18.00 WITA = Head to Pasir Gusung for scenic views and relaxation
18.00-19.00 WITA =Return to the resort
19.00 WITA = Enjoy dinner, followed by a comfortable night at the hotel

07.00-08.00 WITA = Enjoy a hearty breakfast
08.00-09.00 WITA = Pack up and check out
09.00-13.00 WITA = Travel back to Tarakan Airport
13.00 WITA = Arrive at Juwata Airport, marking the end of our journey together

  • The itinerary is subject to change based on local conditions and unforeseen events.
  • Adherence to the tour guide's instructions is required for your safety.
  • Always follow your tour guide's guidance.
  • Please refrain from using fins at Jellyfish Lake to protect the delicate marine life.
  • Tour Package for the selected number of days, lasting 4 Days and 3 Nights
  • Accommodation facility: water cottage with AC and private toilet
  • Nine meals provided throughout the trip.
  • All transport from Juwata Airport, include speed boat transfers
  • Speed boat from Tarakan
  • Island hopping speed boat
  • Tour leader
  • Entrance tickets to all tourist attractions
  • Drone, GoPro, and mirrorless documentation (without editing)
  • Mask & snorkel
  • Life jacket
  • Flight Ticket
  • Personal expenses
Must bring items:
  • Mask
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sunblock SPF 30-50
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Snacks & trip activity supplements
  • Dry bag / backpack
  • Change of clothes
  • Swimwear / swimsuit
  • Hard drive
  • Comfortable sandals/shoes for trekking
  • Power bank
  • Toiletries (if needed, optional)
  • Personal medications
  • Wet wipes
  • Telkomsel SIM card
Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina.

Celebrity / Host

The trip was really fun. The guide was friendly and professional. The boat was luxurious, the food was delicious, the crew's service was satisfying. The admin was very helpful from the start when booking trips to start. The choice of luxury boats offered was also very large. Komodo Luxury is great!

Baim Wong & Paula Verhoeven.


Have three trips with KomodoLuxury, never disappoint. Informative guide, very serving crew, delicious food. The boat is comfortable and safe for bringing children. The trip also has leisure options so it's suitable for families.

Nirina Zubir & Friends.


The service was incredibly friendly. With so many boat options available, finding one that fit our budget and needs was easy. The trip was fantastic, and we all left happy!

Wulan Guritno.


Thank you, Indonesia Juara, for such a delightful holiday. From the airport pickup to the return transfer, everything was impeccably organized. I hope to travel with you again soon!

Video showcasing the beauty of Derawan

Derawan Destinations

Located in the Berau Regency of East Kalimantan, Derawan Island is a gem within the Derawan Islands cluster. Renowned for its vibrant marine life, the island is a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

Situated on Derawan Island itself, Haji Mangku Cave is a captivating destination. This natural wonder features what appears to be an indoor pond, creating a surreal swimming experience. The crystal-clear waters make it a perfect spot for photo enthusiasts.

On Kakaban Island, Jellyfish Lake offers a unique opportunity to swim amongst four different species of jellyfish: box, moon, spotted, and inverted jellyfish. This freshwater lake is a must-visit for anyone intrigued by marine life and looking for an unforgettable experience.

Also part of the Derawan Islands, Sangalaki Island spans 15.9 hectares. Its geography features a flat coastal plain and a lagoon surrounded by white sands. The surrounding waters are rich with coral and seagrass, making it a haven for diverse marine species.

While Manta Point is famously known in Labuan Bajo, Derawan’s Sangalaki Island offers its own thrilling swimming experience with manta rays. Exploring these waters under the guidance of a local expert enhances safety and enriches the encounter.

Located in the Berau Regency of East Kalimantan, Indonesia, Talisayan is centered around its namesake village. The area is renowned for its aquatic attractions, particularly for being a habitat to both leopard and whale sharks, making it a prime spot for water tourism.

Maratua Island, on the edge of the Sulawesi Sea near the border with Malaysia, is one of Indonesia's most remote islands. Part of the Berau Regency, Maratua's waters are dotted with famed dive sites like Jetty Dive, Hanging Garden, Cabbage Garden, Mid Reef, Turtle Traffic, Eel Garden, and The Channel spot. Each offers a unique underwater experience, promising unforgettable encounters with marine life.

Gusung Sanggalau, an uninhabited sand island within the Derawan Islands, offers a pristine setting characterized by its tranquil sandbars. This peaceful retreat is perfect for those looking to savor the untouched beauty of Derawan’s natural landscapes.

Situated on Kakaban Island, just behind the renowned Jellyfish Lake, Kehe Daing Lagoon is a picturesque spot with turquoise waters and soft white sands. The lagoon, safe for swimming in its shallow waters, is an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoying the serene beach setting.

Affectionately nicknamed 'Spongebob Island,' Manimbora Island boasts scenery reminiscent of the beloved cartoon series' opening scene. This charming island invites travelers into a whimsical setting, perfect for a light-hearted adventure.


It is highly recommended that you come H-1 to avoid the risk of airline delay, as the trip will start according to the open travel schedule.
Jakarta - Tarakan (direct): Lion Air
Jakarta - Tarakan (1 transit) : Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Batik Air


On the last day (day 4), participants can fly home directly via Juwata Tarakan Airport with a flight schedule after 14.00 WITA (the trip ends at 13.00 WITA at the latest)


  • For participants coming on H-1, there are hotels to choose from around Juwata Tarakan Airport.
  • Participants usually stay at the Grand Citra Hotel, My City Hotel, Swiss Behotel, or Galaxy Hotel.

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The trails range in difficulty from moderate to heavy. Participants are strongly advised to exercise, avoid overexertion before the trek, and wear trekking sandals (available in outdoor shops) to avoid slipping.
Yes, the price is all-inclusive.
Yes, participants purchase their air tickets. For arrival, participants are strongly advised to buy tickets with an H-1 schedule, or if they want to come on the day of the trip, participants should be at the airport before 12.00 WITA.
Yes, because the files are copied in their entirety and are quite large, using a flash drive would result in a very slow transfer rate. Typically, file transfers are conducted on the third day of the trip.
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