Private Trip Sewa Speedboat Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo Private Speedboat Tour Package 2024

Start from IDR 12.300.000/day

Meeting Point
Labuan Bajo Airport [LBJ] or hotels around Labuan Bajo
Best month
January - December
Physical Activity
Medium - Heavy
6-13 destinations
1 day
Minimum participants
1 person
Private Trip Speed Boat in Komodo Island

A private trip speedboat is an exclusive way of vacationing on Komodo Island for you and your family or relatives on one speedboat. You can also determine the destination you want to go to.

This trip is suitable for those of you who only have one day to sail to every tourist destination in Komodo Island. You can choose one of the 5 speedboat options we provide according to your needs: Speedboat Sea Runner, DI, D II, Sunset, and Riara.

Pink Beach, often called Pink Beach, has become a favorite tourist attraction after visiting Komodo. Pink Beach is located on Komodo Island and is unique from other beaches, namely pink sand. The pink color of Pink Beach sand is said to come from microscopic animals (Foraminifera), giving the coral reef its red color.

Itinerary-recommended destinations:

  • Labuan Bajo
  • Padar Island
  • Pink Beach
  • PKomodo island
  • Taka Makassar
  • Manta Point
  • Pulau Kanawa

Highlights of the Private Trip Speedboat

  • Explore the beauty of Komodo Island by visiting 7 exotic destinations along the way.
  • Snorkeling while exploring virgin marine ecosystems such as Manta Ray
  • Trekking around the beautiful hills while accompanied by an endemic world heritage animal, the Komodo dragon

Choice of speedboat for Private Trip Tour Komodo Island

Spesification Speedboat

Interior /indoor:
*Toilet , basin
*TV , video , speakers
*Reclining chairs
*Meja lipat per seat
*Life jacket
*Water dispenser
*HP charger station

Exterior/ outdoor:
*Large outdoor seat area
*Mesin 300PK x 4
*cover engine
*Upper seat area

*40 Pax
*Kapten, 4-5 crew, and tourguide

1 - 40 Pax = IDR 60.000.000

Interior /indoor:
*TV , video , speakers
*Reclining chair
*Guide/tour leader
*Life jacket

*Engine - 300PK x 2
*Front Decking
*Outdoor seat area
*Upper seat area

*25 Pax
*Capten, 2 crew, and tourguide

1 - 20 Pax = IDR 28.500.000
21 - 30 Pax = IDR 33.000.000

Interior /indoor:
*TV , video , speakers
*Reclining chair
*Guide/tour leader “BOS” chair
*Life jacket

*Engine - 300PK x 4
*Front Decking
*Outdoor seat area
*Upper seat area

*45 Pax
*Capten, 3-4 crew, and tourguide

1 - 45 Pax = IDR 54.500.000

Interior /indoor:
*2 showers (outdoor)
*Large space
Exterior /outdoor:
*Engine 200PK x 2

*10 Pax
*Capten + 1/2 crew + tourguide

1 - 5 Pax = IDR 12.300.000
6 - 10 Pax = Additional + IDR 550.000 / pax

*12 Pax
* Capten, 1-2 crew, and tour guide

1 - 5 Pax = IDR 13.000.000
6 - 12 Pax = IDR 15.500.000

Private Trip Speedboat Komodo Island Itinerary 2024

06.00 - 06.30 = Pickup in the Labuan Bajo hotel area using a minivan
06.30 - 07.00 = check-in
07.00 - 08.00 = Start to Padar Island
08.00 - 10.00 = Arriving at Padar Island
10.00 - 10.15 = Heading to Pink Beach
10.15 - 11.15 = Swimming and taking pictures at Pink Beach
11.15 - 11.30 = Head to Komodo Island
11.30 - 12.00 = Arrive at Komodo Island
12.00 - 13.00 = Rest and have lunch on Komodo Island
13.00 - 13.30 = Head to Taka Makassar
13.30 - 14.10 = Swim and take photos at Taka Makassar
14.10 - 14.15 = Head to Manta Point
14.15 - 14.35 = Take photos and see the Manta
14.35 - 15.00 = Head to Kanawa Island
15.00 - 16.00 = Take photos and swim around Kanawa Island
16.00 - 16.15 = Head to Labuan Bajo
16.15 - 16.45 = Check Out
16.45 - 17.30 = Delivery to Hotel
  • Lunch/lunch (chicken/fish/vegetarian)
  • Mineral water or soft drinks during the trip
  • Snack biscuits during the trip
  • Fruit, depending on the season
  • Snorkeling gears
  • Airport/Hotel pick up and drop off - meeting point (PP)
  • Flight tickets from and to Komodo Airport (LBJ)
  • Komodo National Park entrance ticket (entrance fee)
  • Drone flight permit ticket in the Komodo National Park area (depending on participants' willingness)
  • Age 3 - 4 years add 50% fee
  • Age > 5 years plus 100% fee
  • Personal use
  • Boat crew tips (depending on participants' willingness)
  • Documentation: if you want documentation only, an additional IDR 2.000.000 per group. If you want documentation + video editing, an additional IDR 4.000.000 per group
Must Bring Items
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach Hat
  • Snack & Suplement
  • Clothes
  • Swim Suit
  • Hiking Sandals
  • Power bank
  • Personal Medicine
  • Toiletries
  • Wet Wipes
  • Drybag
  • Telkomsel Sim Card
Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina.

Celebrity / Host

The trip was really fun. The guide was friendly and professional. The boat was luxurious, the food was delicious, the crew's service was satisfying. The admin was very helpful from the start when booking trips to start. The choice of luxury boats offered was also very large. Komodo Luxury is great!

Baim Wong & Paula Verhoeven.


Have three trips with KomodoLuxury, never disappoint. Informative guide, very serving crew, delicious food. The boat is comfortable and safe for bringing children. The trip also has leisure options so it's suitable for families.

Nirina Zubir & Friends.


The service was incredibly friendly. With so many boat options available, finding one that fit our budget and needs was easy. The trip was fantastic, and we all left happy!

Wulan Guritno.


Thank you, Indonesia Juara, for such a delightful holiday. From the airport pickup to the return transfer, everything was impeccably organized. I hope to travel with you again soon!

Padar Island is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park area. Padar Island is not inhabited by Komodo dragons. On Padar Island, you can climb the hill to enjoy the beautiful panorama from above. The blue sea and the surrounding islands will hypnotize visitors. Even though trekking to the highest hill will feel very tiring, visitors will be presented with a panoramic view of the hills and very beautiful views, and capturing the moment will be an activity that will never get bored during the trekking trip.
Pink Beach Komodo Island has the pinkest sand of the seven other beaches in the world. You can swim comfortably at this beach or play on the edge. Don't forget to immortalize your happy moments there by taking photos because this beach is beautiful and unique!
Komodo Island is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. One of the main destinations if you go to Komodo National Park. This island is one of the Komodo National Park areas managed by the Central Government. On Komodo Island, around 1300, Komodo dragons continued to breed. Komodo is the largest lizard in the world, with an average length of 2-3 meters and a body weight of at least 90 kg. You can go around this island to see the Komodo dragons. But don't worry; a Ranger will lead your journey to keep you safe!
Taka Makassar is one of the very unique destinations in Komodo National Park. This tiny island only contains charming clusters of fine white sand. Its small, curved shape resembles the number nine, making it even more unique. Moreover, you can only see it if the sea water is receding. You can swim, enjoy the clear sea, and take photos at this unique beach.
Manta Point is one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in Komodo National Park! This spot offers an amazing snorkeling experience with a natural underwater landscape. This underwater tour also allows visitors to meet rare animals that only exist here, namely Manta Rays. Usually, you will also be able to meet jellyfish colonies, which are no less beautiful. Get ready to be amazed by their beauty!
Located in the waters of Komodo National Park, Kanawa Island is a small yet strikingly beautiful destination. The island is fringed by diverse coral reefs and features pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters, making it a private paradise. It has a dock to accommodate tourist boats, making access easy. Swimming and photography are popular activities here, allowing visitors to enjoy and fully capture the island's enchanting scenery.
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The trekking route has a difficulty level from moderate to heavy. Participants are strongly advised to exercise before the trip, not force themselves, and use trekking sandals (purchased at outdoor equipment shops) to avoid slipping.
Yes, the price is net.
Yes, participants buy their return plane tickets. For arrival, participants are strongly advised to buy tickets on the H-1 schedule, or if they want to come on the D-day, it is recommended that participants be at Komodo Airport before 09.30 WITA. However, check-in hours on the ship for private participants are flexible, and it is highly recommended that you check in no later than 2 pm to visit all the destination tourist attractions. For return via Komodo Airport with a flight schedule after 11.40 WITA (maximum completion of the trip at 11.00 WITA).
Yes, because all the files are copied, and it has a large enough capacity, if you use a flash disk, the transfer rate will be very long. File transfers are usually carried out on the third day of the trip.