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Discover the Komodo Tour Package from IndonesiaJuara—a gateway to the untold tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo. This tour offers breathtaking vistas and unforgettable experiences, ranging from pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters to mist-covered hills and lush tropical forests. You’ll have the unique opportunity to observe the world heritage site of Komodo dragons up close and engage directly with local residents.

As a tour operator, we collaborate closely with local communities passionate about support tourism in Indonesia.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our attainment of the Travelers' Choice 2023 award on TripAdvisor, support by more than 9 years of experience managing tours in Komodo National Park and overland tours in Flores. These tours include visits to Wae Rebo Village and the tri-colored Lake Kelimutu, and are renowned for our stand​​ard of zero complaints, as evidenced by numerous five-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

Our services in Labuan Bajo and Komodo range from Open Trip tours of 3 days and 2 nights, to Private Trips, One Day Trips, and Overland Flores adventures.

Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina.

Celebrity / Host

Our tour was thrilling from start to finish. The guide was both friendly and professional. The ship boasted luxury, the food was delightful, and the crew provided excellent service. The administrative support was seamless from booking to boarding. With a wide selection of luxury ships, Indonesia Juara stands out!

Baim Wong & Paula Verhoeven.


We've embarked on two adventures with Indonesia Juara and have been thoroughly impressed each time. The guides are knowledgeable, the crew is exceptionally accommodating, and the meals are always tasty. The boat is comfortable and child-friendly, making it ideal for families. The variety of recreational options ensures there's something for everyone.

Nirina Zubir & Friends.


The service was incredibly friendly. With so many boat options available, finding one that fit our budget and needs was easy. The trip was fantastic, and we all left happy!

Wulan Guritno.


Thank you, Indonesia Juara, for such a delightful holiday. From the airport pickup to the return transfer, everything was impeccably organized. I hope to travel with you again soon!

Tourist Destinations in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, and Flores

Labuan Bajo is the everyone dream holiday destination, offering comprehensive tour packages that cover both maritime and terrestrial attractions. Recognized as one of the five super-priority tourist destinations by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), this area is also home to the endemic Komodo dragon, located within the Komodo National Park (TN).

Beyond the numerous sites around the Komodo National Park accessible via the Komodo Sailing Trip, you can also explore various mainland Flores destinations by land. These include the picturesque traditional village of Wae Rebo and the stunning sunrises at Lake Kelimutu.

Specializing in crafting complete and impeccable tour packages, IndonesiaJuara takes the hassle out of planning your holiday. We manage everything from itinerary to dining, ensuring a seamless and enriched travel experience in Labuan Bajo.

Padar Island
Pink Beach
Komodo Island
Rangko Cave
Taka Makasar
Kelor Island
Kelimutu Lake
Waerebo Village

Labuan Bajo, Komodo & Flores Tour Package

Open Trip Sailing Komodo

Ever dreamed of encountering Komodo dragons and visiting world heritage sites in Indonesia? Whether you're a solo traveler struggling to find a travel companion to share costs, or simply someone who loves adventure. Our Open Trip Sailing Komodo offers an ideal solution.

This package provides affordable, cost-friendly travel options and the chance to meet new people who might join you on your journey. Enjoy numerous opportunities to witness exotic wildlife and marine life on the islands of Komodo and Rinca, relax on the stunning Pink Beach, and trek through verdant hills.

We schedule open trips every weekend, offering a 3D2N Labuan Bajo Open Trip with a Phinisi boat for those wishing to stay overnight. For those preferring not to stay on the boat, we offer a One Day Trip package using a speedboat.

Private Trip Sailing Komodo

The Private Trip Sailing Komodo allows you to visit all tourist destinations in Komodo National Park tailored to your preferences. Recognized as a world heritage site, Komodo National Park offers an unmissable experience if you find yourself on Flores Island.

This "customizable" tour package lets you choose the dates, duration, budget, type of Phinisi Ship, number of participants, and tourist destinations to suit your preferences. It's ideal for those wishing to spend exclusive and private time with friends, family, or that special someone.

The cost of the private trip package varies based on the boat type, trip duration, and number of participants.

Flores Overland Trip

In addition to marine tours of Komodo National Park, a visit to Labuan Bajo is incomplete without exploring the beautiful destinations in the Flores region via an Overland Trip. Not only is it relatively brief and affordable, but it also offers a glimpse into the cultural tourism of Flores.

Surrounded by natural scenery, Flores boasts many hidden gems. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Wae Rebo, a traditional village nestled atop mountains in a lush tropical forest, and the legendary Kelimutu Three Color Lake.

Flores offers a unique blend of tourist and cultural experiences that differ significantly from other destinations.

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