Prana Phinisi Boat Charter


Start from USD 18.000 per night sailing trip Labuan Bajo, Komodo

18 Guests   9 Cabin   55 x 11,32 m   8-11 Knot  
Meeting Point
Labuan Bajo
Best Month
March - December
Phisical Activity
6-13 Destination
Boat Class

Explore Komodo National Park in style with Prana Phinisi, the ultimate luxury boat charter. Accommodating up to 18 guests, Prana Phinisi boasts nine spacious cabins across four decks. Revel in the stunning views from the Master suite's circular windows or unwind on your private balcony. Each cabin, including 1 Master suite, 2 VIP suites, and 6 Deluxe suites, is soundproofed and features ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning for your utmost comfort.

On the main deck, enjoy the cozy indoor lounge and dining area. The upper deck is perfect for Yoga sessions and outdoor movie screenings. Experience top-notch service and a seamless journey to Komodo Island with our high-quality vessel.

Sail through the breathtaking Komodo National Park with our experienced team, dedicated to providing impeccable service standards. Ready for an unforgettable adventure? Contact us or book online now to secure your spot on Prana Phinisi, the premier choice for luxury boat charters.


Package Price per night
Labuan Bajo USD 18.000
* Additional Person/ Child: 750/night.
* Minimum 4 nights.
* Price per group.
Type = Traditional Wooden Boat
Engine = YANMAR 890 hp
Toilet = Private Bathroom
Communication = Radio, VHF, Garmin GPS, Garmin Radar
Etc = Radio, VHF, Garmin GPS, Garmin Radar
Min Passengers = 1 Guests
Max Passengers = 18 Guests
Cabin = 9 Cabins
Beds = 13 Beds
Sound System = 1 Sound System


Batavia Suite

Master suite (maximum 2 persosns)

Uluwatu Suite

Grand suite (maximum 2 persons)

Ambon Suite

Superior suite (maximum 2 persons)

Misool Suite

Superior suite (maximum 2 persons)

Flores Suite

Deluxe suite (maximum 2 persons)

Komodo Suite

Deluxe suite (maximum 2 persons)

Maluku Suite

Superior suite (maximum 2 persons)

Banda Suite

Standard suite (maximum 2 persons)

Run Suite

Standard suite (maximum 2 persons)

Outdoor Lounge & DIning Area
Indoor Dining Area
Spa On Board
Front Sun Bed

Favorite Itinerary for a Komodo Sailing Trip

D1 = Kelor island - Manjarite Island - Kalong Island
D2 = Padar Island - Pink Beach - Komodo Island
D1 = Kelor island - Manjarite Island - Kalong Island
D2 = Padar Island - Pink Beach - Komodo Island - Taka Makassar - Manta Point
D3 = Siaba Island - Kanawa Island
D1 = Kelor island - Manjarite Island - Kalong Island
D2 = Padar Island - Pink Beach - Komodo Island - Taka Makassar - Manta Point
D3 = Siaba Island - Kanawa Island
D4 = Rangko Cave - Seraya Island - Sabolo Island
Trip Include
  • Stay on boat during trip
  • Premium Documentation with Drone, Go Pro, and Mirrorless(without editing)
  • Meals during the trip
  • Mineral Water, Coffee and tea during the trip
  • Guide
  • Snorkeling Gears
  • Life Vest
  • Round Trip transport from hotel/airport - meeting point (Only in Labuan Bajo land area)
Trip Exclude
  • Tip for crew
  • Flight Ticket
  • Komodo National Park Fee estimated cost IDR 320.000 for Indonesian citizen and IDR 620.000 for foreigner
  • Drone ticket for Komodo National Komodo Park, estimated cost IDR 1.030.000 (Not mandatory & permit should be requested 7 days before the trip)
Must Bring Items
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach Hat
  • Snack & Suplement
  • Clothes
  • Swim Suit
  • Hiking Sandals
  • Power bank
  • Personal Medicine
  • Toiletries
  • Wet Wipes
  • Drybag
  • Telkomsel Sim Card
Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina.

Celebrity / Host

The trip was really fun. The guide was friendly and professional. The boat was luxurious, the food was delicious, the crew's service was satisfying. The admin was very helpful from the start when booking trips to start. The choice of luxury boats offered was also very large. Komodo Luxury is great!

Baim Wong & Paula Verhoeven.


Have three trips with KomodoLuxury, never disappoint. Informative guide, very serving crew, delicious food. The boat is comfortable and safe for bringing children. The trip also has leisure options so it's suitable for families.

Nirina Zubir & Friends.


The service was incredibly friendly. With so many boat options available, finding one that fit our budget and needs was easy. The trip was fantastic, and we all left happy!

Wulan Guritno.


Thank you, Indonesia Juara, for such a delightful holiday. From the airport pickup to the return transfer, everything was impeccably organized. I hope to travel with you again soon!

Labuan Bajo Tour Destination

Kelor Island is a small, uninhabited gem known for its pristine white sands and enchanting green hills. Trekking is a popular activity here. Although the central hill may seem modest, it presents a decent challenge and takes about an hour to ascend. The effort is well worth it, however, as the panoramic views from the summit are stunning!
Manjarite Island, also uninhabited, is ideal for beginner snorkelers due to its shallow waters, ranging from three to eight meters deep. You can spot an array of marine life from just above the water's surface. Diving in offers even more delights, with vibrant corals and charming sea creatures, include ornamental fish, Dori fish, clownfish, baronage fish, barracudas, and angelfish.
Kalong Island is renowned for its millions of giant bats. The island is dotted with exotic trees that provide a natural habitat for these bats. They begin to "wake up" and become active as darkness falls. The sunset here is among the most stunning in Komodo National Park. Imagine watching the silhouettes of bats taking flight against the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset—a truly mesmerizing experience!
Padar Island, the third largest island in Komodo National Park, is not home to Komodo dragons. Here, you can climb a hill to capture breathtaking panoramic views. The vivid blue sea and surrounding islands are utterly captivating. While the trek to the highest hill may be exhausting, the reward is a spectacular vista of hills and stunning scenery that makes every step worthwhile. Capturing these moments will undoubtedly enhance the trekking experience.
Pink Beach in Komodo National Park is one of the pinkest beaches in the world. It's a perfect spot for swimming or relaxing on its unique shores. Don't miss out on capturing your joyful moments here; the beauty and uniqueness of this beach offer a perfect backdrop for memorable photos!
Komodo Island is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. One of the main destinations if you go to Komodo National Park. This island is one of the Komodo National Park areas managed by the Central Government. On Komodo Island, around 1300, Komodo dragons continued to breed. Komodo is the largest lizard in the world, with an average length of 2-3 meters and a body weight of at least 90 kg. You can go around this island to see the Komodo dragons. But don't worry; a Ranger will lead your journey to keep you safe!
Taka Makassar is one of the very unique destinations in Komodo National Park. This tiny island only contains charming clusters of fine white sand. Its small, curved shape resembles the number nine, making it even more unique. Moreover, you can only see it if the sea water is receding. You can swim, enjoy the clear sea, and take photos at this unique beach.
Manta Point is one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in Komodo National Park! This spot offers an amazing snorkeling experience with a natural underwater landscape. This underwater tour also allows visitors to meet rare animals that only exist here, namely Manta Rays. Usually, you will also be able to meet jellyfish colonies, which are no less beautiful. Get ready to be amazed by their beauty!
Siaba Island is an island with the nickname "City Of Turtles". The sun setting between exotic islands in the middle of calm waters will spoil your eyes and give you a feeling of peace.
Kanawa Island is a small island located in the waters of Komodo National Park. Various coral reefs surround this island, and white sand with clear sea water is an attraction. Kanawa Island is almost like a private island which is so enchanting. Kanawa Island has a pier for tourist boats that take tourists to enjoy the charm of this beautiful island. Swimming and taking photos can be the main activities at this destination.
Rangko Cave is a cave with a natural pool and beautiful stalactite ornaments. One destination you must visit is to experience the sensation of swimming in a natural pool, like a private pool. The water in this cave is salt water, which is thought to come from seawater, which enters a gap or cavity that connects the seawater to the pool. Feel the calm and freshness of swimming in this cave!
Seraya Island has white sand beaches and clear, bluish sea water, as well as underwater beauty. Even when the sea water recedes, you can walk towards the middle of the sea within a radius of around 500 meters from the beach. Various activities can be done there, such as fishing, swimming, and snorkeling. The underwater world is still very pristine.
Sabolo Island is an island that has a nice wooden pier which is usually used for taking photos. The photos will definitely be beautiful because the backdrop is a vast blue sea. Because the water is clear, you can also snorkel and enjoy the view of the coral reefs and small fish swimming around it. Playing in the water with an oncat from the pier into the sea can also be an exciting activity, you know!

You need to arrive one day before because on the first day the trip will start in the morning
Jakarta - Labuan Bajo (direct) : Citilink, Batik Air
Jakarta - Labuan Bajo (1 transit) : Garuda, Batik Air, Lion Air, Wings Air, NAM, Sriwijaya
Surabaya - Labuan Bajo (direct) : Batik Air
Surabaya - Labuan Bajo (1 transit) : Garuda, Batik Air, Lion Air, Wings Air, NAM, Sriwijaya

Participants can depart on the last day of the trip (for 3D2N and 4D3N) with the ight schedule based on participant’s ight. For 2D1N, participants can depart one day after the trip.

Hotel Recommendation
Ayana Komodo Resort, Loccal Collection, Laprima Hotel, Inaya Bay, Bintang Flores Hotel, Sylvia Resort Komodo, Seaesta, The Jayakarta Suites Komodo Flores, Mohini Komodo Resort, Plataran Komodo Resort, Sylvia Resort Komodo

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The trekking route has a difficulty level from moderate to heavy. Participants are strongly advised to exercise before the trip, not force themselves, and use trekking sandals (purchased at outdoor equipment shops) to avoid slipping.
Yes, the price is net.
Yes, participants buy their return plane tickets. For arrival, participants are strongly advised to buy tickets on the H-1 schedule, or if they want to come on the D-day, it is recommended that participants be at Komodo Airport before 09.30 WITA. However, check-in hours on the ship for private participants are flexible, and it is highly recommended that you check in no later than 2 pm to visit all the destination tourist attractions. For return via Komodo Airport with a flight schedule after 11.40 WITA (maximum completion of the trip at 11.00 WITA).
Yes, because all the files are copied, and it has a large enough capacity, if you use a flash disk, the transfer rate will be very long. File transfers are usually carried out on the third day of the trip.