Open Trip is a Combined Trip which is a solution for Traveling lovers, where there is no minimum limit of participants in Open Trip activities, 1 Participants can join the applicable conditions. For Traveling lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of Indonesia and the variety of charming destinations, this open trip activity is perfect for them. Open trip has a relatively economical and affordable price, but remember that open trip is a tour, the group will be a trip, they will be held in groups, so it is expected to lower the personal ego for mutual convenience.

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Questions and answers about trips

-Ask: Is an open trip definitely a way?
Answer: We guarantee a sure way for open trip despite the 1 registrant without price changes

-Ask: Where is the destination of the airport when buying a plane ticket?

Answer: To follow the tour of Komodo dragons you must buy a plane ticket to the destination of komodo airport, Labuan bajo flores NTT. The majority of aircraft will transit in denpasar bali and continue the flight to Labuan Bajo

-Ask: When should I buy a plane ticket?

Answer: Airfare can be purchased as soon as possible after making a trip registrar, as we guarantee that every open trip schedule is a way without price change as per schedule and the price shown

-Tanya: If you want to buy a ticket choose what date?

Answer: You can buy a plane ticket that is landing at 09.15 on the first day of the trip (plane from bali hour 7 in the morning) because the trip starts at 10 in the morning but if you want to relax can also buy a plane ticket that landing the day before the trip schedule. Return tickets can be purchased on the last day of the trip, as the trip will end at noon 1. Participants can go home scheduled plane at midnight stroke 3

-Tanya: Where is the meeting point?
Answer: In Labuan Bajo, Flores, NTT, Indonesia. the meeting point place is located at pelni port, 10 minute distance from Komodo airport, all participants will be picked up at the place each half hour before trip

-Ask: Where is the hotel's recommendation?

Answer: for star hotels we recommend Hotel La prima, Bintang Flores, Lepirate.
for low budget hotels: Siola hotel and ciao hostel.
-Ask: How to book / reserve seats for open trip?
Answer: You can book by paying DP 50% of the total trip price. Payment is transferred to Mandiri 1320017171365 a / n Agung Afif MUHAMMAD account. Payment confirmation is sent to WA / SMS TO NUMBER 08119941919 or LINE @ @ indonesia Indonesia with data (TRANSFER EVIDENCE along with participant name / no ID)