10 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations In Derawan

Traveling to Derawan Island is one of the destinations in high demand by local and foreign tourists. Located in East Kalimantan Province, the Derawan Islands are a paradise for beach lovers. There are actually many islands to visit because each island is unique.

For those of you who plan to travel to Derawan for a vacation, here are some destinations you can visit

1. Derawan Island

Derawan is the main island of the Derawan Islands, which offers to stay above seawater. Its clean beaches and sparkling water, when exposed to sunlight, soothe the eyes. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can also snorkel while looking at the underwater beauty.

2. Haji Mangkau Cave

The next destination is Goa Haji Mangkau; although it is called a cave, this tourist attraction is actually vertical with stagnant water in it; if you can say, it is more like a lake even though it is mini.

To get there you can use a speedboat from the same starting point to the north of Maratua Island for approximately 20 minutes.

3. Kakaban Jellyfish Lake

It’s not complete if you go to Derawan but not to Kakaban. There, you can swim without fear of being stung by jellyfish directly from their habitat. Jellyfish have evolved to be free from stings there.

4. Sangalaki Island

If you want to enjoy underwater beauty by snorkeling or diving, one of the best places is Sangalaki Island. There are many interesting spots to visit under the sea with a variety of marine life that can be seen up close.

Here, you can meet two of the sea turtle species that live in Indonesian seas, the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle, as well as manta rays that often swim in groups.

5. Manta Point in Sangalaki

If you go to Manta Point in Sangalaki, you can experience this uniqueness by swimming with manta rays. If you want to swim with the Mantas, it’s better to come from afternoon to evening, when they gather to fight over plankton.

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6. Labuan Cermin

The next destination when visiting Derawan is Labuan Cermin, located in Biduk-Biduk District, Berau Regency. Just like its name, this tourist attraction is famous for its mirror-like water clarity. Tourists come to this lake after returning from a vacation in Derawan.

7. Talisayan

Seeing spotted sharks, also called whale sharks is an attraction in Talisayan. You are advised to leave at dawn or around 5 o’clock because during the day it will be difficult to find spotted sharks directly. Not only can you see them, but you can also swim with them.

8. Maratua Island

Not to be missed if you travel to Derawan is Maratua Island. This island is a stretch of small islands surrounded by blue sea, which is divided into four villages. You can enjoy the beauty of the blue sea and stay at attractive resorts.

9. Gusung Sanggalau

You can also enjoy Derawan’s beauty by visiting the islands that appear when the sea recedes, namely Gosong Island or Gusung Island. Many people take advantage of the uniqueness of this island to take pictures as if they were stranded on an island in the middle of the sea.

10. Kehe Daing Lagoon

The next tourist attraction is rarely visited by people because of its hidden location. Kehe Daing Lagoon is a hidden lagoon. Here you can enjoy the view of white sand and turquoise green sea water.

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