How to get to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo

How to get to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo

Komodo Island is located in Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara. In addition to being famous as the natural habitat of Komodo dragons, this island certainly offers a unique and beautiful natural landscape, so many tourists choose Komodo Island as one of their dream destinations. If you want to get to Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo is the starting point or gateway to reach this island.

How to get to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo?

Many tourists want to vacation on Komodo Island but are confused about how to go. Here are some explanations of information that can help.

Choose Transportation and Tour Package

The first step in visiting Komodo Island is booking your transportation. Since Komodo Island can only be reached by sea from Labuan Bajo, you have a few options for boats: speedboats and phinisi boats. It’s advisable to book a tour package from a trusted operator in advance to ensure availability. Many tour operators offer comprehensive packages that include transportation and visits to multiple destinations within Komodo National Park.

IndonesiaJuara Trip is an experienced and trusted tour operator. It offers a choice of one-day, private, or open trip tour packages.

  • One Day Trip by Fast Boat or Speedboat

If you want a vacation to Komodo Island but only have a short time, this package is the right choice. In one day, you will explore Komodo Island and the Komodo National Park area by visiting 4-6 destinations. You can see detailed information about this package here.

  • Open Trip with the Phinisi

There is also the option of an Open Trip on the Phinisi. If you would like to experience a different vacation sensation by staying on a Phinisi ship, you can choose this tour package. This typical Indonesian ship offers you a trip you will never forget with a traditional atmosphere wrapped in a modern touch.

This tour package allows you to meet people from different regions and countries on one ship, which is suitable for crowd lovers. In addition, you will be invited to tour the Komodo National Park area by visiting 10 destinations for 3 days and 2 nights.

Detailed information about open trips by phinisi can be found here.

  • Private Trip with a Luxury Phinisi

If you want a private vacation, choose this tour package. It’s almost the same as the Open Trip, which uses a phinisi ship. The difference is that if you choose a private trip, there are only you without strangers on one ship. You can invite your friends, family, and loved ones to this package option. This package is perfect for quality time seekers. In addition, you can also determine the duration of your vacation and the destinations you would like to visit.

Vacations on a Phinisi boat offer a more relaxing and immersive experience as they take longer and often include all the amenities such as cabin rooms, dining services, a jacuzzi, and other luxury facilities, as well as snorkeling and diving equipment on Komodo Island.

Read detailed information about private trips on luxury phinisi boats here.

Book Flight Tickets

After selecting your tour package, book your flight to Komodo International Airport (LBJ) in Labuan Bajo. You can fly directly from major Indonesian cities like Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya. Multiple airlines offer flights at varying prices, making it convenient to plan your trip. 

From Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island

Upon arrival at Komodo International Airport (LBJ), the IndonesiaJuara Trip team will pick you up and drive you to KP3 Harbor, a 15-minute car ride. Depending on your tour package, you will then transfer to your boat. After arriving at the port, you must use a boat to get to the speedboat or Phinisi. This is according to the tour package you choose, it’s not far from the port.

If you use a speedboat, you can continue the journey to Komodo Island within 2 hours. However, if you choose a tour package using a phinisi boat, you will stay overnight and travel around according to the duration of vacation time from the tour package you choose.

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Plan Your Dream Vacation

A trip from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island is more than just a vacation; it’s an unforgettable experience. With proper planning, you can enjoy a unique and memorable adventure on one of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands.

For detailed information on tour packages and to book your trip, visit IndonesiaJuara Trip.

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