5 Ecotourism Destinations in Sumba

Ecotourism in Sumba

Sumba is an island rich in nature and culture in East Nusa Tenggara. This hidden paradise also offers an ecotourism vacation experience for those looking for a different vacation concept.

Various destinations in Sumba have implemented ecotourism. These include traditional villages, beaches, and beautiful national parks. Each destination offers a different experience, from enjoying incredible natural beauty to learning about local culture and traditions.

Of course, when you vacation with the ecotourism concept in Sumba, you not only seek pleasure but also help protect the environment, empower local communities, and preserve the wealth that is there.

5 Ecotourism Destinations in Sumba

Sumba Island is one of the best places in Indonesia to enjoy ecotourism. Because this island is rich in natural beauty, culture, and tradition. By choosing to visit ecotourism destinations in Sumba, you can contribute to the preservation of the environment and its unique culture. In addition, you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation there.

What are the Sumba ecotourism destinations you must visit? Here is the complete information:

1. Ratenggaro Traditional Village, Southwest Sumba

Ratenggaro Village Sumba

One of the unique ecotourism destinations in Southwest Sumba is the Ratenggaro Traditional Village. The village is famous for its unique traditional houses, known as “uma”. These houses have high, soaring roofs, reflecting traditional Sumbanese architecture. Ratenggaro is also known for having a beautiful beach and an ancient stone graveyard nearby, giving it a touch of history and natural beauty.

The concept of ecotourism in this village involves cultural and environmental preservation. If you visit the village, you will see and learn first-hand about the lives of the local people, and the traditional ceremonies and dances there by taking a village tour. In addition, people there also sell handicrafts and specialty foods, providing economic benefits.

2. Prai Ijing Traditional Village, West Sumba

Pra Ijing Village Sumba

The next interesting ecotourism destination in Sumba is the Prai Ijing Traditional Village located in West Sumba. Prai Ijing offers stunning scenery with its traditional houses known as “uma bokulu” which are neatly lined up on a hill. Prai Ijing is stunning with its scenery, and the traditional houses known as “uma bokulu” lined up neatly on the hill. Beautiful natural scenery also surrounds the village, with green hills surrounding it. Here, you can feel authentic Sumbanese vibes and learn about local culture and traditions.

Ecotourism in Prai Ijing Traditional Village involves the local community actively participating in tourism activities there. You can interact directly with the locals, learn about their daily lives, and participate in traditional activities.

By visiting Prai Ijing Traditional Village, you can enjoy Sumba’s beauty and uniqueness. In addition, you can support the preservation of the environment and local culture so that they can continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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3. Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park, West Sumba

One of the other destinations in West Sumba that has implemented ecotourism is Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park.

This national park has dense forests, waterfalls, and various unique species of flora and fauna. Its dense forests are home to a variety of endemic species, including the rare Sumba Cikukua bird and various species of beautiful butterflies. The national park also has some very beautiful waterfalls, such as Lapopu Waterfall, which is the highest waterfall on Sumba Island.

Through education and environmental awareness programs, the national park seeks to inform every visiting tourist about the importance of conservation and encourage sustainable ecotourism practices.

4. Warinding Hill, East Sumba

Warinding Hills Sumba

Sumba’s most popular ecotourism destination, Bukit Warinding, offers incredible natural scenery. Located about 30 kilometers from Waingapu, the hill is famous for its undulating savanna views and is dotted with green or yellow grass, depending on the season. Warinding Hill offers stunning views, especially at sunset. From the top of the hill, you can see the undulating hills.

Ecotourism at Bukit Warinding focuses on environmental conservation and local community empowerment. Tourists visiting the hill can contribute to the local economy by buying products sold by the local community. In addition, local people also offer tour guide services or rent horses to tourists who want to capture moments in the vast savanna while riding a typical Sumba horse.

5. Walakiri Beach, East Sumba

Walakiri Beach Sumba

Walakiri Beach is one of the beaches with the most unique ecotourism concept in Sumba. Walakiri Beach’s natural beauty is breathtaking. The mangrove trees adorn the shore provide an incredible view, especially at sunset. The beach also has calm waves, making it an ideal place to swim or relax on the beach.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, Walakiri Beach is also home to flora and fauna. The area is an important habitat for many bird species.

One of the ecotourism concepts implemented is the care and preservation of the mangrove plants on this beach. The unique and exotic mangrove trees on Walakiri Beach not only provide a beautiful view but also play an important role in maintaining the coastal ecosystem. Mangrove preservation is done to protect the natural habitat and prevent coastal erosion.

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