Cost Details to Labuan Bajo 2024

Labuan Bajo is a tourist attraction with unrivaled charm. But when planning a trip, you also have to know how much you can spend to avoid running out of money.

Cost to Labuan Bajo

Before traveling, you should prepare a budget before leaving and returning to a tourist destination. Likewise, when you want to vacation in Labuan Bajo. The estimated costs to Labuan Bajo ranging from tour packages, airline tickets, transportation, meals, to lodging are:

1. Tour Package

If you are confused and don’t want a complicated vacation in Labuan Bajo, you must choose to follow the tour packages from a trusted tour operator. IndonesiaJuara Trip is one of them. There are three tour packages to choose from and adjust to your vacation needs.

  • Open Trip

This open trip tour package is the most popular choice among tourists. With this tour package, you will experience a unique vacation experience on a phinisi ship around the waters in the Komodo National Park area for 3 days and 2 nights. In addition, you will also visit 10 popular destinations there. Among them are Kelor Island, Manjarite Island, Kalong Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, Komodo Island, Taka Makassar, Manta Point, Siaba Island, and Kanawa Island.

By joining the Labuan Bajo open trip, you will make new friends from various regions and even different countries. This tour package will allow you to explore the beauty of Komodo National Park with a group. So, for those of you who want a vacation but have no friends or are alone, you don’t need to worry anymore. This open trip tour package is also very suitable for those of you who like to socialize and like crowds.

The cost of this Labuan Bajo Open Trip starts from IDR 3,450,000/pax.

Read more about Labuan Bajo Open Trip here.

  • Private Trip

If you like more privacy, a private trip tour package is the right choice for you. By choosing this tour package, you can invite only the people closest to you on a phinisi boat around Komodo National Park. You can invite your partner, friends, or family so that on the boat, there are no strangers, and you will have more privacy.

The advantage of choosing a private trip tour package is that you can visit tourist destinations according to your wishes. You can also choose the date, duration of the trip, type of phinisi boat, and number of participants.

You can choose from duration options: 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, and 4 days 3 nights. The destinations to be visited are usually the same as those on the open trip list. What is special about a private trip is that you will visit several other additional destinations, such us Rangko Cave, Seraya Island, and Sabolo Island, whose beauty is amazing.

The cost you need to spend by joining this Labuan Bajo Private Trip starts from IDR 40,500,000 / ship for 2D1N.

Read more detailed information about Private Trip Labuan Bajo here.

  • One Day Trip

If you have a tight time but want to experience a vacation to see the beauty of Labuan Bajo, then you can choose this one-day trip tour package. For one full day, you will travel around the beauty of Labuan Bajo by visiting four to six popular destinations using a speed boat.

The cost of joining the Labuan Bajo One Day Trip starts at IDR 1,450,000/pax.

Read more detailed information about One Day Trip Labuan Bajo here.

Also, prepare the cost of the Komodo National Park entrance ticket, which is around IDR 300,000 for Indonesian citizens and IDR 600,000 for foreigners. Usually, the tour packages as above do not include the Komodo National Park entrance ticket.

2. Airplane Ticket

For a trip to Labuan Bajo, airfare is the main cost to consider. Airplane ticket prices vary depending on departure time, season, and airline chosen. Flight ticket prices to Labuan Bajo start at IDR 1,700,000 per person for flights from Jakarta. Meanwhile, airfares from Bali usually start from IDR 500,000.

3. Transportation

After arriving at Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, you will need transportation to reach your hotel or lodging.

Several options are available for transportation in Labuan Bajo, such as taxi, ojek, or car rental. Transport costs in Labuan Bajo vary depending on the type of transportation chosen. Taxi prices from the airport to Labuan Bajo city center usually range from IDR 50,000 to IDR 250,000, depending on the location of your hotel or lodging.

If you arrive in Labuan Bajo on Thursday and join an open trip with IndonesiaJuara Trip on Friday, you may only need transportation expenses on Thursday to get to the hotel and place to eat. But if you arrive on the D-day of the trip, the IndonesiaJuara Trip team will pick you up at the airport or hotel for free.

4. Lodging in Labuan Bajo

If you arrive in Labuan Bajo the day before the trip schedule starts, you need a place to stay. Labuan Bajo offers a wide variety of accommodation options, ranging from star hotels to simpler lodging such as guest houses or hostels.

Accommodation prices vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen. Hostels or simple inns start from IDR 100,000 – IDR 300,000 per night, while star hotels or resorts can reach IDR 1,000,000 – IDR 3,000,000 per night.

5. Eating and Drinking

Restaurant food prices can range from IDR 50,000 to IDR 200,000 per person, depending on the type of restaurant chosen. Drinks in Labuan Bajo can also be quite expensive, with a bottle of beer costing up to IDR 50,000 or more.

If you want to save money, many local food stalls offer more affordable prices, around Rp 15,000 to Rp 35,000 per person.

But if you join a tour package with IndonesiaJuara Trip, you don’t need to think about the cost of consumption during the trip because it is included in the package you choose.

Now that you know the cost of tour packages, flight tickets, transportation, lodging, and meals in Labuan Bajo, you can immediately calculate the cost of your own vacation. To be more economical, you should take a tour package to Labuan Bajo, which is widely available today. Hopefully, this article is useful!

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