• meeting-point-trip

    Labuan Bajo

  • best-month-trip

    April - November

  • activity-trip


  • destination-trip

    10 Location

  • duration-trip

    3Days 2Nights

  • participant-trip

    8 People

  • Pickup

    Komodo Airport / Hotel

Trip fee

/ 1 people

Foreigner: IDR + 500.000



3D2N Komodo Sailing Trip
Standard AC Ship for private Sailing Komodo (if full vessel can use equivalent ship)

Bajo labuan tour by sailing visiting the best destinations in the Komodo National Park for 3D2N. This Komodo Island private sailing package is very convenient for you to take a trip to Komodo Island with your family, friends or partner.

Bajo Pumpkin Tour will take you adventuring to meet the biggest lizard on earth which only exists on the island of Komodo, in addition to meeting Komodo directly in the Wild life you will also enjoy many beautiful landscapes such as the island of Padar, Gili Laba, Kelor

Not enough that you will also take us to enjoy a beautiful island like Kanawa, walking on the beautiful pink beach of the Komodo island.

In addition to all this beauty you will also feel the beauty of the underwater life of dragons, including the second most beautiful in the world.

Very unusual is not the attraction of Sailing Komodo tour? let's invite friends, couples and families to vacation with a private Sailing Komodo tour package with Indonesia Champion!


Indonesian Ship Champion

Standard Boat with AC Cabin

14 Capacity of People

We provide several standard vessels for 8,10,12, or 14 people. That ship
use depends on the number of participants who register, for example: 1-8 people use 8 capacity vessels, 13-14 people use 14 capacity vessels. More than 14
people can use 2 ships and fees will be calculated according to the number of participants in
1 ship.

  • 1 Lounge
  • 2 - 3 AC cab
  • 4 - 6 Ship Crew
  • 1 Kitchen
  • fresh water
  • 1 - 2 Toilet


  • The first day 09.00 WITA
    09.00-11.00Pick up of participants at the hotel or airport in Labuan Bajo
    11.00-12.00Arrived at Kelor Island
    12.00-13.00Trekking and photo and video activities
    13.00-13.30Get off from Kelor Island and have lunch
    13.30-14.30Travel to Rinca Island
    14.30-15.45See Komodo, and trekking on Rinca Hill
    15.45-16.15Return to ship
    16.15-17.00Travel to Kalong Island
    17.00 - completeSunset and see bats from the boat (dinner)


  • The second day
    05.00-08.00Trekking and photo activities on Padar Island
    08.00-08.30Trip down and have breakfast
    08.30-09.15Travel to Pink Beach
    09.15-10.30Play on the beach, photo and video activities
    10.30-11.15The trip to Taka Makassar
    11.15-11.45Play on the beach and photo and video activities
    11.45 - 12.30 WITALunch
    12.30-13.30Snorkeling at Taka Makassar
    13.30 - 14.00 WITATravel to Manta Point
    14.00 - 14.45 WITASnorkeling with manta
    14.45-15.30The trip to Siaba
    16.00-17.00The journey to Sebayur
    17.00-18.00Sunset trekking, photo and video activities
    18.00-18.30Trip down
    19.00 - completeDinner and free program


  • The third day 13.00 WITA
    06.00-08.00Sunrise on the boat and breakfast
    08.00-09.30Snorkeling on Kanawa Island
    09.30-11.00Play on the beach and relax on Kanawa Island
    11.00-13.00The trip to Labuan Bajo and the trip is complete



  • The itinerary can change according to the conditions on the ground.
  • Destinations can change depending on ocean waves
  • The itinerary can change if force majeure occurs.
  • Participants must follow the direction of the guide
  • Indonesian Champion did not provide fin due to Minister Susi's call not to use fin in waters below 10 meters
  • Participants who eliminate, damage, leave a life jacket / snorkel will replace
    according to the price of the item
  • Participants are prohibited from touching / carrying animals encountered during sailing
  • Participants are prohibited from carrying sand / coral / coral encountered during sailing
  • The latest regulations prohibit the use of drones in the Komodo National Park area, so drones are only used outside the core zone of the national park.



Drinking water

Mineral water during the trip

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment and Equipment


Shuttle to / from Airport / Hotel (PP)

MirrorLess documentation

Mirrorless documentation (min 3 people)

Safety Jacket

Safety Jackets During the Trip


Eat 3x a Day During the Trip


Guide during the trip

Lodging on the Ship

Lodging on a Standard Boat with AC Cabin

Snack and Coffee

Snack, Tea and Coffee During the Trip

Entrance ticket

Taman Wisata Entrance Ticket (extras fee for foreigners)

Additional cost

  • Boat Crew Tip

    depending on the willingness of participants

Not included

  • Flight ticket
  • Personal needs

General information

Komodo Sailing Cost Scheme


1 - 8 People: 20 Million / Ship
9 - 14 People: 2.5 Million / People


1 - 8 People: 25 Million / Ship
9 - 14 People: 3 Million / People

Suggested flight schedules and hotel reservations

It is highly recommended to come H-1 to avoid the risk of delay from the airline because the trip will start according to the open trip schedule, namely 11.00 WITA.

  • Jakarta-Labuan Bajo (direct): Garuda, Batik
  • Jakarta-Labuan Bajo (1 transit): Garuda, Batik, Lion Air, Wings Air, NAM, Sriwijaya
  • Surabaya-Labuan Bajo (direct): Batik
  • Surabaya-Labuan Bajo (1 transit): Garuda, Batik, Lion Air, Wings Air, NAM, Sriwijaya

If you arrive on the day, participants can choose the following schedule:

  • Jakarta-Labuan Bajo (direct): Citilink (landing at 09.20 WITA)
  • Bali-Labuan Bajo (direct): Wings (landing at 09.15 WITA)


  • Participants can immediately go home on the last day of the trip (day 3) on schedule
    flight over at 14.30 WITA (trip finishes at 13.00).
  • For participants who come H-1, can choose hotels anywhere in the Labuan Bajo area according to their respective budgets because generally the distance between hotels is close together.
  • But hotels that are included in the pick-up list are those located on the main land (not on the island).
  • Some hotels close to the airport: CF Komodo, Green Pundi, Sunset Hill, Ciao, Dragon Dive Komodo, Komodo Lodge, De Chocolate, Beta Bajo, L Bajo, Siola, Le Pirate, Eco Tree, etc.
  • Some hotels with good facilities: Ayana, La Prima, Bintang Flores, Sylvia, Jayakarta.

List of items that need to be brought when Sailing

  • SPF + 50 sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Topi
  • Snack & supplement activities supporting trip
  • Drybag
  • Change of clothes
  • Swimsuit / swimsuit
  • Special trekking sandals / mountain sandals
  • Power Bank
  • hard disk
  • Toiletries / toiletries
  • Personal medicine
  • Telkomsel SIM card
  • Wet Tissu

How to Register

The registration method is done with DP 50%. Booking can be done as soon as possible in order to get a seat on the desired date.

  • Maximum payment of H-7 departures.
  • Payments are made to Mandiri bank account Indonesia Tourism Champion account number 1810000208018
  • Confirm payment via WA number 08119941919 by sending proof of transfer and data of all participants.
    Data format:
    1. Name and ID number (WNI) / Passport name and number (WNA) of all participants
    ………… / 1234
    ………… / 1717
    2. CP (mobile number):
    3. Number of participants :
    4. Pick-up Location:
  • Registration can be done at any time / no time limit, depending on available accommodation.
  • Indonesia Champion provides documentation, each participant agrees to be videotaped and photographed during the trip. Indonesia Champion reserves the right to use it in the needs of social media content for trip promotion. For participants who are less pleased if the picture is posted, can directly inform the WA admin.
  • Participants are considered to understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions after registering.

Additional Info

Indonesia Champion also provides 2D1N Private Trip to Waerebo "Country Above Clouds".

Trip can be done before or after Komodo Sailing.

  • If before sailing the Komodo dragon:
    Day 1 = Arrived at Labuan Bajo and stayed 1 a night (no hotel fees
    Day 2-3 = Waerebo Private Trip (3 day stay 1 night at Labuan Bajo, hotel fee not included)
    Day 4-6 = Open Trip Sailing Komodo
    Day 6 = Return to home area

  • If after sailing the Komodo dragon:
    Day 1 = Arrived at Labuan Bajo and stayed 1 a night (no hotel fees
    Day 2-4 = Open Trip Sailing Komodo and 4 day stay 1 night (hotel fee not included)
    Day 5-6 = Waerebo Private Trip (6 day stay 1 night at Labuan Bajo, hotel fee not included)
    Day 7 = Return to home area
    Please contact admin for more information 🙂

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