The Raja Ampat Wayag and Pianemo open trips for 3 2 days are the best solution for those who want to go to Raja Ampat at a low cost. Raja Ampat is famous for its underwater beauty with 75% of the total number of world hard corals in Raja Ampat. Imagine the beauty of snorkeling in Raja Ampat. Combined with beautiful landscapes such as Wayag, Pianemo etc. making Raja Ampat a dream destination for everyone. Raja Ampat trip will take you to enjoy every most beautiful destination in Raja Ampat tourism

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Open Trip Raja Ampat : These islands have all the conditions to become the best destination in the world. Small islands and underwater beauty are really tempting for anyone who comes here. This Raja Ampat tour program will make it easier for you to enjoy the tourist destinations and the charm of biodiversity in the Raja Ampat Islands. In this region there are approximately 540 types of coral and 1.511 species of fish.

The people of Raja Ampat are also friendly and kind, therefore they will receive visitors from outside with a happy heart. While the Raja Ampat Islands has the potential of nature tourism is very extraordinary and is one of the most famous tourist spot in West Papua. Raja Ampat tourist attractions is one of the best dive sites in the world that will complete the diversity of flora and fauna under the sea.

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This Raja Ampat Open Trip will take you around amazing exotic places, and become an unforgettable experience.

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How beautiful is Raja Ampat? in Raja ampat trip IndonesiaJakarta will take you to every beautiful destinations in Raja Ampat, Join Raja Raja Ampat tours!

* Yenbuba
* Arborek
* Sand arises
* Pianemo
* Lake stars
* Peak wayag 1
* Wayag 2 tops
* Sarpele shark beach