OPEN BAJO LABUAN TRIP is the Labuan Bajo tour package by visiting the best destinations in the Komodo National Park area. Komodo tour with packages Open trip of Komodo Labuan bajo island is a combined trip that is grouped without any participant minimum limit. So even if you register only yourself is not a problem, Indonesia guarantees that the Open trip of Labuan Bajo Komodo is definitely a road and guarantee without price changes. Labuan bajo, Indonesia Travel will take you from enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo underwater snorkeling and meeting Komodo directly on Komodo Island.

Participants of komodo tours sharing trip with IndonesiaJuara teams (Our team consist of locals people that have passion to give the best experience for you)

In our trip we will bring it to all the best destinations around the Komodo National Park area for 3 days 2 the night this trip takes place. The open trip of Komodo Island starts from Labuan Bajo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Open trip Labuan Bajo will bring you to meet Komodo on Komodo Island Wildlife, swim with Pari Manta rays, walk on the beautiful Pink beach, enjoy the landscape like paradise on Padar Island, Gili Spider, Moringa and many places.



How exciting is not it? Labuan Bajo tour package is suitable for those of you who love nature tourism. The Labuan Bajo open trip has a duration of 3 2 a night with the most complete destination, Komodo Sailing is a Labuan Bajo tour package that is Living On Board, meaning you will stay on board during the 2 open night dragons.

Participants of komodo tours sharing trip take pictures at Padar island

Gili earnings, komodo destination tours open trip labuan bajo

Participants of Komodo tours sharing trip is enjoying Living on boat of IndonesiaJuara
Enjoying the pink beach Komodo National Park

What are you waiting for? Let's register Open trip of Komodo Labuan bajo island during 3 2 day with the price of 2.5 million, enjoying every best destination in Komodo National Park, no wonder people call our trip the cheapest and most complete !!!

Like this Indonesian Open Dragon Komodo Pumpkin video, taken from our Instagram @ @indonesiajuaratrip (THE MOST POPULAR KOMODO TOUR ON INSTAGRAM)

Indonesian ships that are used for the Labuan Bajo Indonesia open trip in Japan (* if the full ship is to be replaced with an equivalent boat facility)

How??? Imagine the beauty of the destination and the thrill of the Indonesian Komodo Open journey from the video? Let's register yourself on the Komodo Island open trip !! limited seats!

Meeting Point : at harbour of Labuan Bajo, Flores, (only 10 minutes from Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo) We have service to pick you up one hours before the trip. so we can pick you up at hotels or airport

PRICE: Rp 2,500,000 / pax for Locals $ 252 / pax for foreigners , due to different price for enterance fees to Komodo National Park

Schedule of Labuan Bajo Komodo 2018 open trip (private trip can request date):

: 21-23 | 28-30
: 5-7 | 12-14 | 19-21 | 26-28
: 2-4 | 9-11 | 16-18 | 23-25 | 30-2 December
: 7-9 | 14-16 | 21-23 | 24-26 | 27-29 | 30-1 January 2019

Komodo Labuan Bajo 2019 Open trip schedule

June : 7-9 | 14-16 | 21-23 | 28-30
July : 5-7 | 12-14 | 19-21 | 26-28
August : 2-4 | 9-11 | 10-12 | 16-18 | 23-25 | 30-1 September
Sepember: 6-8 | 13-15 | 20-22 | 27-29
October : 4-6 | 11-13 | 18-20 | 25-27
November : 1-3 | 8-10 | 15-17 | 22-24 | 29-1 December
December : 6-8 | 13-15 | 20-22 | 27-29

Destinations Komodo Tours:
* Komodo Island / Rinca Island
* Pulau Kelor
* Padar Island
* Gili Laba / Gili Lawa Darat
* Manta Point
* Kanawa Island
* The island of Kalong
* Pink Beach
* Manta Point ____________________________________________

• Transport from the origin to Labuan Bajo (vice versa)
• Personal expenses ____________________________________________
• Living on Board 3D2N / stay on board
• Documentation
• Mineral water during the trip
• Snack, Tea & Coffee during the trip
• Eat 3 times a day
• Tour Leader
• Snorkelng Tools
• Buoys
• Pick up from airport or hotel when trip starts and return transfer to airport / hotel after trip finished • Entrance Fee (Komodo Island + Rinca Island + other islands)

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1.Booking with Transfer 50% of total trip cost to the following account:

2. Proof of transfer sent via LINE / Whatsapp / Email
Line official : @indonesiajuaratrip
Whatsapp / sms / telp : + 628119941919
E-mail :
3. Participants already dp will be included in the guest group at WhatsApp.
4. If the DP has been done and the participants canceled, participants may be replaced (the reference itself) but dp not bs returned.
5. Remaining repayment is no later than h-7
6. We provide documentation, every participant who agrees to be recorded and photographed during the tour takes place, the IndonesiaJuara has the right to use it for the purposes of Social media content to describe its tour activities. By registering participants agree to the Terms and Conditions during the Open Trip.

Contact us on
Line @: @indonesiajuaratrip
WA / phone / sms: + 628119941919

Check our instagram @indonesiajuaratrip for daily update of our trip

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ITINERARY and KANDO Trip Trip Komodo


* Komodo Island / Rinca
* Pulau Kelor
* Padar Island
* Gili Laba / Gili Lawa Darat
* Manta Point
* Kanawa Island
* Sebayur
* The island of Kalong
* Pink Beach
* Manta Point

Day 1 (Labuan Bajo-Pulau Kanawa-Sebayur-Gili Laba)

TOUR Komodo Island will start from the Pelni / Pelni Point meeting at 10 morning Labuan Bajo, from there the participants will pick up at their respective positions (can be at the airport or hotel.) Meeting Point starts at 10: 00 WITA
The first goal is Kanawa Island sailing about 1 half hour from Labuan bajo. Once in Kanawa participants can enjoy the white expanse of Kanawa and Snorkling sand to see the beautiful coral reefs in Kanawa
After that the voyage will proceed to sebayur for snorkling in the second spot.

After sailing 60 minutes to Gili Lawa Dara / Gili Laba, after arriving at Gili Laba the participants can be satisfied with snorkeling again and also trekking, participants can enjoy the sunset from the top of the hill in Gili Laba, the view from the top of the hill is not inferior to Padar Island.
In Gili lawa this is the participants will eat dinner and this is where the ship leaned to stay overnight.

Day 2 (Gili profit-Manta point-taka makassar- Pink beach- Komodo-Kalong Island)

Good Morning, both days will wake up at 04.30 early morning because for those who want to watch the eyes of the day rises from the top of the hill then they will not meyesal hehehe, sunrise is very beautiful and really so if you missed it.
After returning to the ship, breakfast is ready to be eaten by the participants. After that the voyage takes 1 hour to reach taka makassar, Taka makassar is like maldive its Komodo island, here there is island with white sand and clear sea water as clear glass, participants enjoy the beach and take picture here then snorkling around taka makassar.

within 5 minutes of taka makassar, Manta point is spot The manta rays are looking for food, the current is quite strong here makes the plankton gather in this spot, Seeing the manta needed effort, the ship will sail for manta, after manta seen then the participants who ready with snorkling setnya will jump from ship. If lucky you can swim with manta with a very close distance.

Once satisfied at Manta point, Trip will proceed to Pink Beach, Pink Beach is the participants will snorkel and will be satisfied underwater photographs and on the beach, the sand will look pink when viewed from close range.

The next destination to visit Komodo island Komodo, Here is the core trip Sailing Komodo is a direct view of dragons which is one of the new wonders of the new world directly in the wild life. Participants will trekking for half an hour to explore some spots on the island of Komodo and of course take pictures with the Komodo.

The boat will rest in Kalong Komodo, here the participants will dine and rest and prepare for the last day trip the next day

Day 3 (Padar-Kelor-Labuan Bajo)

The Komodo sailing trip last day began with trekking Padar Island, Padar Island was a favorite tourist destination and was one of the strong reasons to join the Komodo Sailing trekking in a very heavy trekking course, so try to keep your body fit.

After being satisfied at Padar, the ship will sail to Kelor Island. 1 ship hours will lean on Labuan bajo and the trip ends


The itinerary is tentative and may change according to the agreement between the participants and the trip planner, the itinerary may also change according to the tidal conditions of the sea and the weather conditions in the field.
The meeting point starts at 10: 00. is expected to be in Labuan Bajo the day before Trip date
The trip ends at 01: 00 WITA because to facilitate the participants who will return to their respective areas using the plane, the departure schedule from Labuan Bajo to their respective areas is always there at about 13: 00 WITA

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Questions and answers about trips

Question: Is open trip the way?
Answer: We guarantee a sure way for open trip despite the 1 registrant without price changes

-Ask: When should I buy a plane ticket?

Answer:Flight tickets can be purchased as soon as possible because the trip is sure to go on schedule

-Tanya: If you want to buy a ticket choose what date?

Answer: You can buy airplane tickets landing at 09.15 on the first day of the trip because the trip starts at 10 morning but if you want to relax, you can also buy airplane tickets landing the day before the trip schedule. The return ticket can be purchased on the last day of the trip, because the trip will end at noon 1. Participants can go home scheduled for the afternoon plane 3 half-hour

-Tanya: Where is the meeting point?
Answer: In Labuan Bajo, Flores, NTT, Indonesia. the meeting point place is located at pelni port, 10 minute distance from Komodo airport, all participants will be picked up at the place each half hour before trip
-Ask: How to book / reserve seats for open trip?
Answer: You can make a booking by paying DP 50% of the total trip price. Payment is transferred to Mandiri 1320017171365 a / n Agung Afif MUHAMMAD account. Confirmation of payment is sent to WA / SMS TO NUMBER 081222274622 or LINE @ @indonesiajuara with data (EVIDENCE TRANSFER along with the name of the participant / ID number / no foot for snorkeling equipment)

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The ship used has 3 cabin with Air Conditioner. 2 cabin has a capacity of 5 people and 1 cabin can accommodate 4 people. Have a 2 toilet and sundeck to sit relaxed on the boat.

Note: For open trips the vessels used vary depending on the number of participants, the ship may use other vessels with similar facilities

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1. Cards that have a strong signal are Telkomsel.
2. Sailing Komodo is classified as a trip that requires a lot of physical activity. Please make sure the body condition remains fit.
3. All participants are required to comply with the rules that apply in the National Park or destination.
4. All participants are prohibited from carrying illegal drugs, narcotics, firearms, or objects that could endanger themselves and others according to the laws in force in Indonesia.
5. During the trip, participants must help each other and maintain cohesiveness.
6. It is strictly forbidden to throw litter and do actions that can cause damage to nature.
7. Conducting acts that can damage ship facilities, safety equipment and documentation tools is strictly prohibited.
8. Participants who have a history of diseases such as asthma, hypertension, heart disease, acute gastritis, diabetes, epilepsy, sinusitis, etc. are advised to consult a doctor and are required to bring personal medicines.
9. Participants must bring trekking shoes or trekking sandals.
10. Participants are encouraged to bring Powerbank.
11. Participants are required to carry a harddisk / micro sd class 10 / 3.0 USB flashdisk for documentation file copy (usually file size is more than 40GB, do not bring a USB 2.0 flashdisk because the transfer rate is very long) on ​​the ship there is a laptop (file transfer is done on the ship before the trip is complete) . Copy of the documentation file will not be done outside the trip
12. Participants are advised to bring personal snacks and supplements to support sailing activities.
13. Flores is very hot so it is recommended to bring sunblock spf ++ 50.
14. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring hats and sunglasses.
15. During the trip, Indonesia Champion always holds the principle of safety first. So if the weather suddenly doesn't support or the ocean currents aren't good, some itineraries will be changed for the safety of the participants, hopefully understanding.
16. Bring a dry bag to keep items that are vulnerable to water.
17. Finally, don't forget to give the crew crew tips 🙂
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Tour Reviews

4.94 based on 18 reviews
November 6

Tournya according itinerary, Tour leader cool, clean and comfortable ship and most importantly very good food, very happy ama open trip it will be an unforgettable experience

November 6

I joined the tour after seeing instagram @ indonesiajuaratrip, instagramnya in many updatean video video tripnya look very cool, finally after I join open trip, I ga nyesel was more fun than the video, the service is steady and the documentation most kece selabab bajo deh anyway. THANK YOU INDONESIAJUARA !!!!

November 8

thanks for the trip yaa indonesiajuara .. here g a little review about IndonesiaJuara for the future can lbh success and give the best service ..
1. The pick-up facility from the airport and the ports is very good
2. The ship used was okay, but it would be better if the water was cleaned for bathing lbh byak and lbh swift, because the water was very small when used.
3. If you're on a boat there's a leisurely bench on the ship's rooftop, it's going to be cool for your weekend
4. Food on the ship is quite tasty
5. Documentation of four thumbs up
6. The crew are very friendly
7. Destination visited is very interesting
8. Snorkeling equipment works well
9. Overall, the cave is satisfied with the service Indonesia gives
Success continues ya bro .. hopefully can meet again in the next trip heheheh

November 8

thanks for the trip yaa indonesiajuara .. here g a little review about IndonesiaJuara for the future can lbh success and give the best service ..
1. The pick-up facility from the airport and the ports is very good
2. The ship used was okay, but it would be better if the water was cleaned for bathing lbh byak and lbh swift, because the water was very small when used.
3. If you're on a boat there's a leisurely bench on the ship's rooftop, it's going to be cool for your weekend
4. Food on the ship is quite tasty
5. Documentation of four thumbs up
6. The crew are very friendly
7. Destination visited is very interesting
8. Snorkeling equipment works well
9. Overall, the cave is satisfied with the service Indonesia gives
Success continues to ya Indonesiajuara .. hopefully can meet again in the next trip heheheh

November 8

At first I was afraid to go to labuan bajo alone, but after I see the video on his instagram, I was sure to join open trip Labuan Bajo, because it seems that all the combined participants become familiar and can be new friends. After I join trip labuan bajonya is one of my correct decisions, his tour neatly arranged, tour leadernya cool, super documentation, cuisine on board steady, just his experience is very memorable sailing dragons and make travel addiction, Thank you IndonesiaJuara

November 14

on time, bgt cool destinations, cool tour leader can make all participants mingle, food okay, friendly friendly ship crew, guaranteed happy. thank you for the trip

November 14

Komodo sailing tour is the coolest, go open tripnya 11-13 november yesterday, it is beyond my expectation, it is really a memorable experience, thanks for a memorable holiday indonesiajuara, going back to Labuan Bajo

November 15

thanks for the memaj bajo trip memorable, all his team is very compact neatly with each task, the tour leader patiently accompany me who can not swim. Highly recommended is pokoke. top markotop open trip komodo

November 15

3 day 2 night on the boat was very memorable for me, with a neat and comfortable ship, an interesting destination, a very friendly crew crew, and his food weenak tenan! Thank you for open trip labuan bajo its indonesiajuara!

November 15

MY BEST TRAVEL EXPERIENCE !!! initially sempet hesitate to sailing komodo dragon because ga usual to the natural nature so, but after joining open trip komodo its indonesiajuara i so love to nature, masi kebayang its beautiful islands in Komodo, and sit casually night on the ship while looking at the stars. thank you IndonesiaA exciting journey for a trip! will come again ama family next year, see you again Labuan bajo

November 15

Airport shuttle = okay
tour leader = patient and very helpful
ship = clean and comfortable
destinations = top winner deh what else can the bonus of the new island is just indonesiajuara who know hihi

overall very satisfied with the service team indonesiajuara. thank you for the trip!

March 22th 2017

Open trip Komodo dragon really cool, so so fell in love ama labuan bajo, the best tour for Sailing Komodo lah, his tour has his own boat to open trip komodo, so the ship is clean and safe. plus all the crew of the ship is a team from IndonesiaJuara, perfect tour for sailing Komodo

March 22th 2017

after a long searching on the internet tentanf tour package to the island of komodo, akhinya my family and decided to Labuan bajo use IndonesiaJuara trip, A very appropriate choice, all his team professional, his ship is also cool and clean, since the ship used for private trip komodo and open trip sailing komodo is the official ship of IndonesiaJuara, the best service tour I ever felt.

March 29th 2017



April 21, 2017

Cave arip follow-up open trip date 14-16 April, According to the cave tour it goes well, Tour leader is very professional and helpful .. Cool Destination cool, Eat champion, Yaa 2 night dipkapal Sailing Komodo dragons very berkesat for cave plus again accompanied service kerenya Team Indonesiajuara .. The reason cave ga ngasi star 5 ya mngkin karna pick up from the hotel aga ngaret, tp ya fair anyway because peak season again.

okay so much from the cave, hopefully Indonesiajuara more advanced lah, So far lost any friends or family I want to go to Komodo Komodo cave mauiin

thank you for awesomen sailing komodo tour!

June 1, 2017

Hello Intrepid Traveler,

Do not get intimidated by the non-English content as it is primarily geared towards local (domestic) travelers.
Being an international traveler myself, I can confirm with you that Indonesia Won warmly welcomes international (English speaking) travelers too!

You are in for a great value if you want to find the best value komodo island trip in all of Labuan Bajo!

Take this opportunity to join the open trip and get to mingle with the ultra hospitable and modest Indonesian travel companions.

Type of traveler: This trip is suitable for only open-minded, well-behaved, and courteous people-sorry this trip is absolutely not suitable for anyone without the traits like selfishness.

Tour leader: Md Agung has good English proficiency, so you can feel free to contact him for any questions.

Vessel facility: The vessel is clean and the beds are comfortable, but please bear in mind that the air conditioner is water cooled and the water pressure for your shower and water faucet is low due to limited electricity. There are limited toilets / washrooms, so that's why you need to be considerate and patient with your travel companions.

Vessel crew: They are a fun crew, but you can only maximize your interaction by practicing your Language with them =)

Water: They provide more than enough mineral water bottles to keep you hydrated for your entire trip =)

Food: The crew provides excellent food rations, so there is minimal food waste.

Security: The crew absolutely prioritizes the safety of the vessel and passengers, they are always watching over your safety!

Other recommendations: Please bring a minor first-aid kit to treat minor cuts from walking on sharp objects on the beach and hikes without your shoes on. You should bring instant noodles / oatmeal to curb your hunger pangs.

Have a wonderful and enjoyable trip to Flores; Flores has breathtaking views and it is absolutely my No.1 highlight of my Indonesia trip!

Thank you Indonesia Champion !!

July 4th, 2017

One of the most memorable trip of my life! Please try, will definitely feel the same :))))))))

July 22th, 2017

KEREN BAnget dong this trip! surely diceritain with my friends2 !!!

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