3D2N Komodo Sailing Trip
Standard AC Ship for private Sailing Komodo (if full vessel can use equivalent ship)

Bajo labuan tour by sailing visiting the best destinations in the Komodo National Park for 3D2N. Private Sailing Komodo 3D2N | Standard AC ships This is very convenient for you to travel to Komodo Island with family, friends and couples.

Bajo Pumpkin Tour will take you adventuring to meet the biggest lizard on earth which only exists on the island of Komodo, in addition to meeting Komodo directly in the Wild life you will also enjoy many beautiful landscapes such as the island of Padar, Gili Laba, Kelor

Not enough that you will also take us to enjoy a beautiful island like Kanawa, walking on the beautiful pink beach of the Komodo island.

In addition to all this beauty you will also feel the beauty of the underwater life of dragons, including the second most beautiful in the world.

Very unusual is not the attraction of Sailing Komodo tour? let's invite friends, couples and families to vacation with a private Sailing Komodo tour package with Indonesia Champion!

Total of 3 cabins
Cabin 1: 2 Mattress for 4 people
Cabin 2: 3 Mattress for 5 people
Cabin 3: 3 Mattress for 5 people


2-3 Cabin With AC (1-14 people) depending on the capacity of the ship, with 2 sharing toilets and 1 kitchen, as well as 1 lounge and 4-5 crew members.

  • 2-3 cabins
  • 1-2 sharing toilets
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 lounge
  • 4-5 crew members