Wae Rebo Tour is a tour package that will take you to visit the village above the Wae Rebo cloud. Waerebo is a manggarai ethnic trational village where residents still live in traditional houses that still feel primitive. Wae rebo is located at an altitude of 1.125 m above sea level and its position in the middle of the forest and hills of Flores.

There are about seven traditional or m New Tembong houses. Wae rebo people live very close to nature, all of them work as farmers with coffee as the main commodity, because the Wae rebo coffee is very high quality and attractive to people from all parts of the country, in addition to Wae rebo coffee the residents also grow potatoes and vegetables.

Wae rebo village is the most beautiful traditional village in Indonesia which is designated by UNESCO as World Heritage. Wae rebo tours will start in Labuan Bajo, after that use a car with AC facilities to the last village of Denge for trekking with 7 hours.

From Denge to reach Wae rebo you will be trekking 2-3 era. Wae rebo tour is suitable for those of you who like culture and nature. The following is the schedule for the Flores overland tour of Waerebo Village.