The Komodo tour that we provide in the private trip package of the VIP sailing boat Komodo focuses on those of you who want to vacation in the Komodo National Park comfortably. The ship you will be riding will only be you and your family or friends and the Indonesian Champion team (Guide, Crew of the ship). In this Komodo Island tour, we will give you the best experience on a vacation in Labuan Bajo plus using a VIP boat with convenient facilities! So why choose Komodo tour with the Indonesia Champion team?

Indonesia Champion consists of a local team that has a passion in the world of tourism in Labuan Bajo, We are determined to show you how beautiful the Komodo National Park is. Supported by our knowledge of Komodo National Park and Flores as a whole

We arrange your holiday itinerary to adjust to the ideal and most beautiful time for activities such as trekking in the morning to see the sunrise on Padar Island or to see the sunset while watching thousands of bats flying on Kalong Rinca Island

The combination of a local team that serves with the heart and the best and well-maintained facilities from Indonesia. Champion will guarantee your holiday in Labuan Bajo to be memorable and unforgettable!

Gallery of Trip Activities

We provide Komodo tour packages with VIP boats for family holidays, group groups, private charters and honeymoon. The Lamborajo 2 VIP Boat offers a comfortable Sailing Komodo experience using luxurious and comfortable facilities equipped with a ship concept with wide space, you will be very comfortable during sailing because you can enjoy the beauty of the Komodo National Park from the sun-deck, the concept of a room with many windows all designed for your maximum experience while on vacation in the Komodo National Park

The Lamborajo 2 VIP Ship is a ship equipped with modern facilities for security such as liferafts, life jackets, marine radios, GPS, satellite phones, fire extinguishers and emergency oxygen. The following cabin is on the Lamborajo 2 ship.