Itinerary 3D / 2N Labuan Bajo KOMODO TRIP

Itinerary 3D / 2N Labuan Bajo KOMODO TRIP

Live on Board or stay overnight on board is one of the attractions of excursion in Labuan Bajo. If we usually stay at the hotel trip, this time we are invited to feel a new sensation, stay on board. FAQ: Can sleep emangnya? Nausea gak? gak colds? Well, I also feel the worries at first. I was long enough searching here and there to find a comfortable ship and trip planner that recommended. And finally my choice fell on: INDONESIA JUARA TRIP.




Well here it is itinerary 3d / 2n Labuan Bajo komodo trip

Day 1:

Pk 12.00 arrived at Komodo Airport. Take a mandatory photo do not forget.hehehe

Komodo Airport

The Indonesian Champion is waiting for us at arrival gate. They wear uniforms so we instantly recognize them. From the airport we are escorted to the pier to their ship.

First impression of their boat : Corresponding very same photo they display on website and in instagram. It's just that the size of the room was smaller than that seen in the photo. But,overall okay very, as expected. Especially in the living room we were immediately treated to a delicious lunch. Serendipity, for 3 days 2 night the food is delicious very.

First destination: Pulau Kelor

Pulau Kelor

The appeal of Kelor Island is a white sand beach jutting into the sea when viewed from above. Trekking on Pulau Kelor is the shortest trekking among other islands. However, the track is quite steep. The main difficulty lies when it comes down because the tracks tend to be sandy. Tour guidewe repeatedly suggested we walk on italics like crabs to make it easier for the descendants. and it worked! The most important thing is to wear shoes or mountain sandals if you want trekking. If you use ordinary sandals a bit slippery because.

Second Destinai: Rinca Island

Komodo on the island of Rinca

Not to Labuan Bajo's name if you have not seen Komodo! There are 2 places that can be visited namely Komodo Island and Rinca Island. I've been to Komodo island on my first trip to Labuan Bajo. So, now turn to Rinca Island. This island is also called Loh Buaya because many crocodiles in this place. Komodo Island in Rinca Island is more numerous than Komodo dragons on Komodo Island, but the size is smaller. In addition to dragons, the attraction of this island of Rinca is a hill with view that is good.

Rinca Island

Third Destination: Kalong Island

Kalong Island

We arrive at this place as the sun is almost set. Baguuus bangettt the color of the sky. Blue, red, pink, orange, purple all so one. Well for this one destination we are not close to the island but still on the ship watching the bats flying as the sun set. Many very his swallows. Much more than when I went to Riung17 Island. Well, ambienceits super cool. We all gather on board the ship admiring the beauty of nature in front of our eyes until called to dinner.

First night in kapaaaal!

Our ship along with many other ships stopped for overnight in the middle of sea in Kalong Island area. We're getting ready for anti-vomiting, just in case we're drunk and can not sleep. The position of the room is located at the bottom of the living room. It is quite stuffy if you do not use AC. There is hell small window that can be opened if you want to add ventilation. But, I think personally the sea breeze makes the skin sticky. In fact so uncomfortable sleep. After another sticky bath. Better with AC. We are grateful that we chose air-conditioned vessels.

Briefing for the second day: Start at 3.00 am, the ship will leave for Padar Island. Well that I like nih, Indonesia Champion really on time. My friend was waking up at less than 3. By the time 3 was fitting he heard the engine of the ship be lit and the ship began to depart.

The second day

The fourth destination: Padar Island

Padar Island

Our main goal is catching sunrise in Padar. So, we trekking in the still dark with the help of flashlight and moonlight. It takes approximately 30 minutes with normal trekking speed to get to that spot swag really for sunrise dan mandatory photo in Padar. Again, wear shoes yes if for trekking. If a small child can gak trekking here? Hmm.. actually depends on the physical strength of his son. In our group there are 2 small children 10 and 12 years old and their parents. They are both successful trekking in Padar. My friend has also brought his son who is age 1 years to Padar, along the ride carried by his father. Let me see if it's big son can see he has been to Padar loh. Kereeen. ha ha. But be careful yes anyway. Back again on the physical strength of each person.

Fifth destination: Pink Beach

Pink Beach

Finally.. water activities! After tired of trekking, nyebur to the water immediately make a quick. About Pink Beach I've discussed before. The difference this time somehow the beach is much more pink and sea water more tide so to get to where snorkelingnya a bit far from the beach. Likes very same uniqueness pink beach this. If you do not like it snorkeling, can follow-up sunbathing Caucasians-bule on the beach while enjoying the beauty of this pink beach.

Sixth Destination: Manta Point

Swim with mantas in Manta point

Same as Pink Beach, Manta Point also I've discussed before. Current on manta point this is quite fast. There is no manta sticking to the surface. We boarded a small lifeboat first with the crew. Once they find the mantas, we are immediately invited down before the mantanya leave. Successful, we saw manta rays! However, cepet once lost again. That's so pe-er is a very strong current, a mask in the lifeboat that has to throw a rope for us so we do not get carried away. Really, really, unforgettable experience very this. Ha ha ha.

Seventh destination: Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar

This is my favorite
!!Basically, Taka Makassar is an embossed sand. So, in the middle of the sea there is a little white sand dangling in the middle and pink on the outside. Nice bangeeeet. Do not understand again there can be a place sekece this. And the water is cold..seger deh amid the hot sun. But, do not forget to always wear sunblock yes! Especially after playing in the water. Directly re-apply sunblockhis.

Destination eight: Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa

Back to trekking mode.Actually, I was quite tired after trekking padar, snorkeling di pink beach, chasing manta with current kecang, and playing in Taka Makassar. But, unfortunately it would not follow this one trekking. From the ship alone has seen the high track that we must pass. Trekking this time is heavier than kelor or padar, but the duration is the same as trekking padar, approximately 30-40 minutes. If there is a small child should not participate. Danger. All trekking in Flores is its type beauty is pain (effort)! Ha ha. To get view which is incredibly cool requires trekking that is draining. However, when it comes to everything it will pay off. Viewits okay abis. So, if you have above do not rush down, relax and enjoy the first scenery. When the sun has begun to fall we just immediately fell afraid of the dark, more difficult again later down.

Last night on the ship!

Besides being served a super nice dinner, the ship suddenly conjured up so the screen step for watch together. Wow, just first watch the screen step on the ship. Seruuuuu. Do not feel tomorrow is going to last day only. Because today is quite tiring but very exciting, we immediately fell sound asleep after the film finished about 9 night. Ha ha ha

The third day

The next morning we were awakened to enjoy the sunrise from the ship in the morning as the ship moved towards the next destination.


The ninth destination: Sebayur

underwater Sebayur

Sebayur is the spot snorkeling and photos underwater. Not like at Pink Beach, the current is very calm. It is just underwater creatures more diverse in Pink Beach. Well here nih we took a video jump from the boat to the sea. First time for me. The degan-degannya extraordinary. Lebay. Ha ha ha

Destination tenth: Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island itself is an island owned by foreigners. There is also an inn here. White sand and with a blend of blue from shady umbrellas shore edge into a special attraction. Since this is the last island I visited I just relax in his café only. The weather is sweltering. Spot the main photo in this place is in the words Welcome To Kanawa.

Last destination: Back to town

Around the afternoon we finally returned to Labuan Bajo pier. Unforgettable memories of Labuan Bajo. The trip this time was very memorable. All thanks to the trip planner : Indonesia Champion Trip

Indonesian flagship vessel



  • · Always on time.
  • · Really know the uniqueness of each destination and the right time to visit it.
  • · Helps when trekking kesiltan.
  • · Complete documentation, from drone, go pro, and camera. Do not forget to take it hard drive to clicking copy his photos and videos. I have upload videos I've edited myself on youtube: 1 minute glimpse of Labuan Bajo Please kindly watch it and give a thumb up if you like it. J
  • · Delicious food.
  • · Ship cleaner
  • · The bathroom is clean
  • · Clean enough water

Deficiency :

  • · There are 2 small cockroaches in the room. He said maybe move from other ships next to him. Because it was parked at the dock mepet very same ships next to it. They said they had sprayed all the ships before the trip. Actually this is not too problematic, the cockroach ketangkep really. Ha ha.
  • · Trip planner Forgot to give 1 important information that is about having to carry shoes. But tour guidehis is very responsible. So when trekking is difficult he always helps.

Overall very very satisfying and recommended very deh! Let's go to Labuan Bajo!

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