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We Provides the truely luxury Sailing Komodo tour for  a family trips or  a group charter, even for honeymoon. The boat offers an exciting voyages with all comfortable facitilies with spacious open air area, from the rooms, showers, sun-deck, and all part of the boat which is designed perfectly to discover the amazing islands of komodo national Park.



VIP BOAT OF INDONESIAJUARA is traditionally built from Ironwood and Indonesian Teak but is equipped with all modern safety equipment including liferaft, lifejackets, marine radio, GPS, satellite phone, fire extinguishers and of course emergency oxygen. On each trip there are minimum 2 crew with EFR training for emergencies.

At 27 metres long and 5 metres wide she is very comfortable for the small group and good for large group up to 23 person.

With a cruising speed of 14-23 knots powered by a 6 cylinder turbo charged engine and 4 cylinder side engine maintained by our onboard engineer INDONESIAJUARA can carry you fast and in comfort to every best places in Komodo National Park.

Boat Specification

Name: IndonesiaJuara
Type : LOB Boat
Built Year : 2017
Dimension : 27 m length/ 5 m width
Engine : Mitsubishi 6 cylinders 6D22, side engine 4 cylinders PS120
Cabin : max 20-23 people (1 Family Suite, 3 Deluxe, AC)
Toilet : 6 (5 in room and 1 public toilet)
1 Boat theatre
1 Dining room
1 Kitchen
1 Speedboat  6 m length (Yamaha 40 PK)
5000 Liters  fresh water
1 Paddle Board
1 Canoe
7 Boat Crew

Waking up in the middle of the ocean in the luxury boat of IndonesiaJuara
Family suite on boat for Sailing Komodo tours
Dining room
Open Air area for enjoying Sailing Komodo



Sun deck
Kayaking and canoing



* Komodo Island / Rinca Island
* Kelor Island
* Padar Island
* Gili Laba / Gili Lawa Darat
* Manta Point
* Kanawa Island
* Sebayur snorkeling spot
* The island of Kalong
* Pink Beach
* Manta Point

Swim with mantas in Manta point


See the Komodo dragon in wild life in Komodo national park
Beautiful sunset at Padar island
Wondeful landscape of Gili Laba peak
See amazing landscape of Padar island

Enjoy LOB Sailing komodo

Kanawa island. 

Enjoy Pink beach and the snorkeling spot


IndonesiaJuara consist of Locals team that have passion to serve you for the best Sailing Komodo experience




  • Flight ticket
  • Personal allowance
  • Tipping




  • VIP Boat of IndonesiaJuara
  • Snorkel tool
  • Meals during the trip (3 times a day)
  • The entrance ticket to the National Park
  • Transpot shuttle during trip
  • Ranger Komodo
  • Mineral water
  • Lifejacket
  • Premium documentation ( gopro. mirrorless and drone)

Price list :

*Note : additional charge IDR 500.000 for foreigner

2 Person : IDR 15.000.000 /person
3 Person : IDR 14.000.000 /person
4 Person: IDR 11.000.000 /person
5 Person: IDR 9.000.000 /person
6 Person: IDR 8.000.000 /person
7 ORANG: IDR 7.000.000 /person
8 Person: IDR 6.500.000 /person
9 Person : IDR 6.000.000 /person
10 Person: IDR 5.500.000 /person
11 Person : IDR 5.200.000 /person
12 Person : IDR 5.000.000 /person
13 person : IDR 4800.000 /person
14 person  : IDR 4.500.000 / person
15 person   : IDR 4.300.000 / person
16 person : IDR 4.000.000 /person
17 person  : IDR 3.7000.000 /person
18 person :  IDR 3.400.000 /person
19 person  : IDR 3.100.000 /person
20-23 person : IDR 2.800.000 / person







1. Booking with Transfer 50% of total trip cost to the following account: BANK MANDIRI (KCP Jatinangor Unpad 13217) Bank Account: 1320017171365 Beneficiary Name : AGUNG AFIF MUHAMMAD SWIFT Code : BMRIIDJA
Indonesian Banks dont use IBAN, Please use SWIFT CODE + BANK ACCOUNT. . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FOR LOCALS :

BANK MANDIRI (KCP jatinangor UNPAD 13217) no account: 1320017171365 under the name: AGUNG AFIF MUHAMMAD
2. Proof of transfer sent via LINE / Whatsapp / Email.

Line official: @ indonesiajuara
WhatsApp / SMS / Call: + 628119941919

3. If the Down Payment has been done and the participants canceled, participants may be replaced (the reference itself) but down payment can not be returned.

4. The complete payment must be paid 7 days before the trip date

By registering the participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions during the Open Trip.



Contact us on:

Line📲 @indonesiajuara

📞/WA  +628119941919



Check our instagram @indonesiajuaratrip for daily update of our trip






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Day 1 (Labuan Bajo-Pulau Kanawa-Sebayur-Gili Laba)

  •  1 Lunch, 1 Dinner

Sailing Komodo tour will start from the harbour “Pelni ” only 15 minutes from Komodo air port at Labuan bajo, you will be pick up at your respective positions (either at the airport or hotel. the tour starts at 10:00 WITA.
The first destination is Kanawa Island sailing about 1 hour and a half from Labuan bajo. Once in Kanawa participants can enjoy the white expanse of Kanawa and Snorkling sand to see the beautiful coral reefs in Kanawa
After that the voyage will proceed to sebayur for snorkling in the second spot.

After that we will sailing 60 minutes to Gili Lawa Dara / Gili Laba, after arriving at Gili Laba the participants can be satisfied with snorkeling again and also trekking, participants can enjoy the sunset from the top of the hill in Gili Laba, view from the top of the hill is really beautiful.
In Gili lawa this is the participants will eat dinner and this is where the boat anchoring to stay overnight.

Day 2 (Gili Laba-Manta point-taka makassar- Pink beach- Komodo-Kalong Island)

  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner

Good Morning, you will wake up at 04.30 in the morning because for those who want to watch the sunrise from the top of the hill so you can reach the top at the right time, The best spot to see the sunrise in Gili laba.
After returning to the boat, breakfast is ready to be eaten by the participants. After that the voyage takes 1 hour to reach taka makassar, Taka makassar is like maldive its Komodo island, here there is island with white sand and clear sea water is clear glass, participants enjoy the beach and take pictures here then snorkling around taka makassar.

located 15 minutes from taka makassar, Manta point is spot The manta rays are looking for food, the current is quite strong here makes the plankton gather in this spot, Seeing the manta needed effort, the boat will sail for manta, after manta seen then the participants who ready with snorkling setnya will jump from ship. If lucky you can swim with manta with a very close distance.

Once satisfied at Manta point, Trip will proceed to Pink Beach, Pink Beach is the participants will snorkel and will be satisfied underwater photographs and on the beach, the sand will look pink when viewed from close range.

The next destination to visit Komodo Island Komodo Island, Here is the core trip Sailing Komodo is to see the living dragon “KOMODO” face to face in wild life, Participants will trekking for half an hour to explore some spots on the island of Komodo and of course take pictures with the Komodo.

The boat will rest in Kalong Komodo, here the participants will dine and rest and prepare for the last day trip the next day

Day 3 (Padar-Kelor-Labuan Bajo)

  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch

Trip sailing Komodo last day starts with trekking Padar Island, Padar Island is a favorite tourist destination and is one of the strong reasons to join trip Sailing Komodo

Once satisfied in Padar the boat will sail to the island of Kelor. at Kelor island, you can do trekking to the top of the hill. Kelor is the last destination of Komodo tour, From Kelor to go back to Harbour at labuan bajo will be 1 hour and that is the end of the tour.


The itinerary is tentative and may change according to the agreement between the participants and the trip planner, the itinerary may also change according to the tidal conditions of the sea and the weather conditions in the field.
The tour will starts at 10:00 . so you must Book the flight to Komodo air port at Labuan bajo, Indonesia before that time.
The trip ends at 13:00 , so you can book the flight at the the last day from 14:00.

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Tour Reviews

5 based on 4 reviews
November 7, 2016

thanks for the trip yaa indonesiajuara.. berikut g review sedikit mengenai IndonesiaJuara supaya ke depannya bisa lbh sukses dan memberikan pelayanan yg terbaik..
1. Fasilitas penjemputan dari bandara-pelabuhan dan pelabuhan-bandara sangat oke
2. Kapal yg digunakan sangat oke, tapi akan lbh baik kalau air bersih untuk mandi lbh byak dan lbh deras, karena air nya sangat kecil ketika digunakan.
3. Kalau di kapal ada bangku santai di rooftop kapal, bakalan lbh keren buat santai2 sore
4. Makanan selama di kapal tergolong enak
5. Dokumentasi empat jempol
6. Awak kapal sangat bersahabat
7. Destinasi yg dikunjungi sangat menarik
8. Peralatan snorkeling berfungsi dengan baik
9. Overall, gua puas dengan pelayanan yg IndonesiaJuara berikan
Sukses terus ya bro.. semoga bisa ketemu lagi di trip berikutnya hehehehe

April 19, 2017

Kapal : Bersih, aman, dan fasilitas oke
Tour leader : sangat membantu, ramah dan jago dokumentasi
Kru kapal : Ramah-ramah
Destinasi yang dikunjungi oke oke

Puas banget lah sailing komodo bareng indonesiajuara, pasti aku rekomendasiin ke temen temen dijakarta. thank you for memorable trip

April 21, 2017

Saya ambil private charter phinisi Sailing Komodo bersama sahabat tanggal 19-21 April 2017, Kapal phinisi nya oke sangat nyaman, aman dan kondisi sangat baik. Tour leader nya mas Agung sangat cekatan dalam memimpin tour sailing Komodonya, Kru kapal nya juga sangat ramah dan sangat membantu. IndonesiaJuara memang juaraa, Makananya apa lagi, masi terbayang indahnya makan dikapal desekelilingnya view indahnya kepulauan dan lautan flores. The best tour for Sailing Komodo lah , thank you very much indonesiajuara

April 21, 2017

3 hari 2 malam berlayar bersama team IndonesiaJuara benar benar berkesan, Sailing Komodo nya sangat terencana dengan baik, spot spot yang dikunjungi jg keren keren banget, paling the best makananya dikapal. overall saya merasa totally puas dengan service Indonesiajuara dalam tour Sailing komodo kemaren

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