Open trip Raja Ampat Wayag and Pianemo for 3 days 2 night is the best solution for you who want to go to Raja Ampat with low cost. Raja Ampat is famous for its underwater beauty with 75% the total number of hard corals the world is in Raja Ampat imagine the beauty of snorkeling in Raja Amat, combined with beautiful landscape like Wayag, Pianemo etc. making Raja Ampat is the dream destination of everyone. Raja Ampat trip will bring you the most beautiful destinations in the Raja Ampat tour

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Open Trip Raja Ampat: The archipelago has every requirement to be the best destination in the world. The small islands and underwater beauty are tempting to anyone who comes here. Raja Ampat tour program will make it easier for you to enjoy the tourist destinations and charm of biodiversity in the Raja Ampat Islands. In this area there are approximately 540 coral species and 1.511 species of fish.

The people of Raja Ampat are also friendly and kind, therefore they will receive visitors from outside with a happy heart. While the Raja Ampat Islands has the potential of nature tourism is very extraordinary and is one of the most famous tourist spot in West Papua. Raja Ampat tourist attractions is one of the best dive sites in the world that will complete the diversity of flora and fauna under the sea.

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This Raja Ampat Open Trip will take you around some amazing exotic places, and become an unforgettable experience.

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How beautiful is Raja Ampat? in Raja ampat trip IndonesiaJakarta will take you to every beautiful destinations in Raja Ampat, Join Raja Raja Ampat tours!

Participants Open trip king ampat at wayag summit
Tour of the Amateur King in spot sharks
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Raja ampat tours at pianemo summit

Raja Ampat tour in Sand arises

PRICE: Rp 4,000,000 / pax

Open Trip Schedule Raja Ampat Wayag & Pianemo 2018
OCTOBER: • 26-28
NOVEMBER: • 2-4 • 18-20
DESEMBER: •21-23 •24-26 •27-29 •30-1

Meeting Point:

Domine Eduard Osok Sorong Airport


Itinerary Open trip Raja Ampat wayag - pianemo

The first day

07.30-08.30: Meeting Point Airport Domine Eduard Osok Sorong

09.00-10.30: From the port sorong depart using private speed to Yenbuba

10.30-11.30: Relax and snorkel in the village of Yenbuba

11.30-12.00: sand embossed and towards arborek

12.00-13.15: Lunch and snorkeling at Arborek

13.15-14.00: To the Pianemo

14.00-15.30: peak pianemo and foto2

15.30-17.00: to the lake of stars and trekking to the top

17.00-19.00: headed to the homestay of prajas, dinner and rest

The second day

06.00-07.30: morning call, breakfast and preparing for the second day activity

08.00-09.00: to the top of wayag 1

10.00-11.30: trekking to the top and photo photos

12.00-12.30: to the top of wayag 2

12.30-13.30: lunch, trekking to peak wayag 2 and photo photo

13.30-14.30: Toward the spot of shore serpele shore

14.30-16.00: relax on the sarpele beach, snorkel and see plenty of baby sharks in the area around the beach

16.00-17.00: go to homestay prajas

17.00-19.00: see the sunset at the salio spot, dinner and rest

The third day

06.00-07.30: morning call, breakfast and ready to depart for Sorong

08.00-11.00: head to harbor port

11.00-12.30: lunch and shopping by by

13.00: trip finish and transfer to airport / hotel

* Itinerary may change at any time depending on weather and conditions in the field


* Yenbuba
* Arborek
* Sand arises
* Pianemo
* Lake stars
* Peak wayag 1
* peak wayag 2
* Beach sarpele sharks

* Homestay Inn 3h2m
* Speedboat private during trip from sorong
* Photo documentation + video drone
* Mineral Water During Trip
* Snack
* Eat 6x during the trip
* Tour Leader
* Snorkeling tool
* Buoy
* Entrance Fee

* Airline Ticket (can check in Traveloka)
* Pin Raja Ampat
* Extra Menu + Juice

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1. Booking with Transfer 50% of total trip cost to the following account: BANK MANDIRI (KCP Jatinangor Unpad 13217) Bank Account: 1320017171365 Beneficiary Name : AGUNG AFIF MUHAMMAD SWIFT Code : BMRIIDJA
Indonesian Banks dont use IBAN, Please use SWIFT CODE + BANK ACCOUNT. . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FOR LOCALS :

Indonesian Banks dont use IBAN, Please use SWIFT CODE + BANK ACCOUNT BANK MANDIRI (KCP Jatinangor Unpad 1320017171365) Bank Account: XNUMX Beneficiary Name : AGUNG AFIF MUHAMMAD SWIFT Code : BMRIIDJA
2. Proof of transfer sent via LINE / Whatsapp / Email.

Line official: @ indonesiajuara
Whatsapp / sms / telp : 08119941919

3. Participants already dp will be included in the guest group at WhatsApp.

4. If the DP has been done and the participants canceled, participants may be replaced (the reference itself) but dp not bs returned.

5. Remaining repayment is no later than h-7

By registering the participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions during the Open Trip.

Contact us on

Line @: @indonesiajuara

WA / telp / sms: 08119941919

Check our instagram @indonesiajuaratrip for daily update of our trip

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